Does deit coke make you gain weight?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Yes, Because the sugars in the cola areartificialand have fattierproteins.

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Q: Does deit coke make you gain weight?
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Can drinking coke then eating lots of food make you fat or gain weight?

well of course because if you drink coke then eat that doesnt mean you don't gain weight so the answer is yes because coke isn't a type of thing that makes you not gain weight. Also whoever wrote this question is the biggest idiot on the earth.

How much does a can of coke make you gain?

Nothing but it is rather unhealthy.

Does cherries make you gain weight?

does cherry gain weight

Does collagen make you gain weight?

Yes it's collagen make you gain weight

Air conditioning on can cause weight gain?

no it can make you gain weight!

Can evening primrose oil make you gain weight?

can evening primrose oil make you gain weight?

Does loestrin24fe make you gain weight?

It shouldn't make you gain weight, I believe it is one of few birth controls that wont make you gain weight, but it can cause breast enlargement, so I guess if it does this then yes it could possibly make you gain very very little weight.

Is vitamin water bad for you like coke and does it make you gain weight or lose weight?

Vitamin water makes you gain weight, because of the amount of calories. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THIS IS A LIE!!!! IT ONLY HAS TEN CALORIES THUS NOT MAKING YOU GAIN WEIGHT AT LEAST NOT FROM AMOUNT OF CALORIES...AND IT IS ALOT BETTER THAN COKE FYI! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vitamin water does NOT have only 10 calories. if you look on the back it says 50 calories PER serving, how much servings are there in a bottle? 2.5! that's 125 calories. it may not be as bad as coke but it can make you gain weight. it has about 32.5 grams of sugar, that's over 8 teaspoons! it doesnt even have REAL vitamins from nature, its artificial vitamins. DONT BELIEVE ME? go to this link vvvv

Can an apple make you lose or gain weight?


Does coke zero make you gain weight?

Yes. Artificial sugars do essentially the same thing as normal sugars. Not to mention it's even worse for your health. Water is always a dependable drink when it comes to hydration and weight watching.

Does gum make you gain weight?


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