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No, Zune will not give your computer a virus.

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โˆ™ 2015-02-17 18:26:40
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Q: Does downloading Zune give a virus?
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Will downloading fonts give you viruses?

ANYTHING can give you a virus if downloaded. Run virus scans on the file before downloading.

Will downloading Pokemon hacking software give you a virus?

yes you have to give the virus......

Does downloading world of tanks give you a virus?

no it does not

If you install something will it give you a virus?

not always depends on what website you are downloading it from and what you are downloading

Does downloading last chaos give you a virus?

no it deos not

Will downloading horizon give you a virus?

Yes it will don't use it if you don't want virus

Can your iPod give a laptop viruses?

It depends what your doing if your downloading pictures that wont give a virus but if your downloading games then it probably will.

How can you sync music from you computer to zune?

you need a special zune software to sync stuff to it. the software downloading disc usually comes with it. if it doesnt, try downloading the software on some legit downloading site.

Does morpheus give you a computer virus?

Downloading the program itself won't, but if you go around downloading sketchy files from unsecured sources then yes, you can contract a virus from that.

Can someone prove to me with a reliable source that downloading minecraft will not give you a virus?

No trolling, honestly it won't give you a freakin virus if you downloaded it from

How do you give a computer a virus?

opening an email attachment downloading stuff from the internet

Does Roblox give you a virus?

No, it does not. Some people have had compatibility issues and such, but Roblox will not give you a virus.

Does club penguin money maker give you a virus?

No i risked downloading it because my new Sony viao could get a virus but it worked there was no virus.

Can lime wire give you a virus?

downloading limewire software does not give you a virus...the files that are downloaded from limewire like downloading music can give you a virus, that's why I do not use limewire or frostwire or any file-sharing websites, because my past experience with file-sharing websites and limewire was not pleasant.

Will downloading Roblox give me a virus?

If you download Roblox from there site you are perfectly fine guaranteed.

Does downloading hypercam 2 give a virus in your PC?

No. I downloaded it myself, used it, have no virus protection, and it didn't give me a virus. I suggest if you are making a video for youtube about the computer, do it. It's pretty useful

Can you get a Virus from downloading something?

Yes, the application or document you are downloading can contain a virus or cookie embedded in it.

Does downloading iTunes gives you virus?

Yes itunes can give you viruses.Such as.VirusesSpywareTrojionsAidsCrabsGenatal WartsHerpiesHIVBUT THEY DON'T

Does downloading homebrew channel give your computer virus'?

somwtimes just get a antievirus than download it

Is it possible to be a puffle in clubpenguin?

well yes if you like downloading thing that can give your computer virus's.

What music site wont give your computer a virus?

Virtually all music downloading sites (which are illegal) will have a very good chance that will give you a virus. Except for THE PIRATE BAY!!!

Does froswire give the computer a virus?

Since Frostwire is used for file sharing, you never know what you may be downloading. Be careful when downloading from Frostwire, because the thing you are looking to download may actually be a deadly virus.

Can a unity web player cause a virus?

Unity web player can give you virus if you download it from a virus website if there is no virus on the website your downloading unity web player it wont cause viruses

How do computer viruses get around?

We get virus by playing and downloading to much games, especially when downloading virus games and stuff

Does Maple story give off virus because im thinking about downloading it but not sure?

No, but the hackers on it could.