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No, drinking milk and eating cheese will not make your bottom bigger.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-03 03:39:55
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Q: Does drinking a lot of milk and eating cheese make your bottom bigger?
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What is Irene van Dyks eating prgramme?

eating proteins like eating cheese,eating vegetables and drinking milk

How can you make cheese easier to digest?

drinking plenty of water whil eating the cheese will help with digestion.

How do you get a smaller waist and a bigger butt?

by twisting ur body everyday and eating cheese alltime

Can you get skinnier in Fable 2?

Yes, you can by eating vegetables, cheese, drinking water, eating healthy stuff, basically. Food from produce stands will get you skinnier.

Why do people eat cheese and drink wine?

It's such a pleasure(it's like treating yourself), no seriously less talking more cheese eating and wine drinking.

Can a cat die by eating cheese?

Due to some cheeses being made from cow's milk, cats that become sick from drinking cow's milk could be effected by cheese. However, some cats are perfectly fine eating cheese as a treat. Try to stick to non-processed chesses.

What reasons are there for eating cheese?

The reason for eating cheese is that cheese has dairy and in dairy there is calcium which improves your bones.

How long after expiration date can you drink milk?

A couple days should be fine. But after that you are no longer drinking milk, you are eating Cottage Cheese.

How can you get rid of stereo and smoothie?

you get rid of them by eating cheese you get rid of them by eating cheese

How do know if your Dwarf Hamster is pregnant?

From what I know is that they generally start drinking more, eating more, and making a bigger bed.

Is eating melted cheese healthy?

Cheese is a good source of Protein and Calcium and so eating cheese is good but at the same time, it is high in calories and fat. So, eating too much cheese is bad for health

Can a cat die from eating cheese?

If they eat to much cheese its possible, but just by eating cheese, NO, cheese is not particularly healthy for cats because of the milk in it, but is not harmful in small amounts.

Your bottom half of your body is far bigger than your top what should you BE EATING?

Less. And get some exercise.

How do you protect your bones?

By eating cheese and drinking milk - they contain Calcium, which is the main material that builds the bones; also doing sports to develop strong body.

What should you do if your eyeballs fall out as a consequence of eating too much cheese?

stop eating cheese right away

Is it ileagal to eat cheese?

There are no laws against eating cheese.

Is not eating cheese healthy?

no it is not because cheese helps your health

Does drinking water get rid of white spots on nails?

No, The white spots under the nails are from lack of calcium. If you have these spots then try drinking milk more frequently, you can also try adding more cheese to your diet or eating yogurt.

Which is healtier drinking a milk before eating or drinking a milk after eating?

It is healtier either way.

Can you eat in a limo?

In sometimes you can, they allow drinking and eating in limos. In some limos they don't allow eating or drinking.

Do you get nightmares by eating cheese?

No, cheese consumption does not directly cause nightmares.

Will eating cheese raise blood sugar?

If the cheese has sugar in it, yes

Does Asian leopard cat like eating fish or cheese or meat or humans?

they dont like eating cheese or meat or fish but they dont hate them except for the cheese i think ;)

Is drinking milk after eating meat good?

In drinking milk after eating meat good? What problem will faced our body for the activities?

What are the pincers of a crab called?

The Claws. the big one if for eating and drinking and the little one also helps with eating and drinking.

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