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Driving instructor insurance is designed to protect both the instructor and the student in the event of a crash. For student driver companies, this specific insurance is required by the law.

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Q: Does driving instructor insurance cover the student in case of an accident?
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What's student accident insurance?

Student accident insurance is a type of insurance plan available to students. It is a plan that is supposed to cover the student for any accidents that occur on school property or while with a school organization.

Where can I find out more about becoming a driving instructor?

You can find out more being a driving instructor from this site: . I have researched it and it`s a very good to start off being a driving instructor. They train you lots to get ready to train student drivers.

Is there an affordable car insurance rate plan for a student?

Yes. Though you will pay higher premiums as a student most car insurance companies offer discounts for good grades and a good driving record. So if you are a good student and you have never been in an accident or gotten a ticket then there are cheap insurance plans out there for you.

How many passenger can a learner have in a car while driving?

None, just the student and the instructor.

Do driving schools have student driver car insurance?

If the driving school is reputable, they will have student driver insurance. You should contact schools you are interested in and ask them whether or not this is the case.

How to write a sentence using the word dual?

The driving instructor and the student used a car that had dual controls

How can I find out more information about student accident insurance?

Student accident insurance offers a mechanism for public schools to shift the risk and liability of school-related injuries to their students to an insurance company. Depending on your desired information, you could probably just call customer service at one of the student insurance companies and ask them whatever you want.

Does nationwide insurance offer a discount for good driving?

"Yes, Nationwide offers Accident Forgiveness for safe drivers. They also offer discounts to good student drivers. They also have a program for teens for good driving habits."

How can I finance accident insurance on a student budget?

If you are a student on a limited budget you can afford accudent insurance by researching various insurance companies. The cost will be dependent upon the specific amount of required insurance. The student is advised to consider the long term cost versus the amount of insurance requested.

Is student insurance a necessity?

It is not a necessity, but is a very important thing to have. If you were to get into an accident or have something stolen, the insurance company can give you something for the damage.

What are some discounts Safco Insurance offers?

Safeco insurance offers the following discounts: Safeco Safety Package saves up to 15%, Safeco Safety Rewards for accident forgiveness and accident prevention, Teen Safety Rewards: good student discount, driving training discount, distant student discount, teen safe driver discount, low mileage discount.

What must an instructor be to a student?

An instructor should be a mentor, teacher, tutor, and facilitator. His role is to teach the student the material.

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