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yes dynamo can RUN DC or AC motor. i did that during my school days.

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Q: Does dynamo can run the DC motor?
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Can a DC dynamo act as a DC motor?

Yes it can and the otherway aroud a DC motor can be used as a dynamo

What is the different between dynamo and DC motor?

Dynamo means DC Generator.

How Can a dc dynamo act as a dc motor?


What is a DC generator the same as?

A DC generator, or "dynamo", is very similar to a DC electric motor but cannot be described as "exactly the same as a motor" because a DC generator's designed purpose is not to "use" electricity (which a DC motor does) but to "make", or "produce", electricity.

How do you convert DC motor to dynamo?

take two dc motors..................... connect the spindle of 1 motor to a hollow pipe so that the pipe should also rotate when the motor is given dc current (one can take an empty pen refill for that).... now fix the spindle of another motor to the other end of the hollow pipe...... the two terminals of the 2nd motor is now the terminals of the dynamo which will generate dc current........

What is dc motor with synchoronous operation?

A synchronous motor is an ac motor that does not run on dc.

How do you make an easy dynamo at home?

Physics is reversible. SO you can use the inverse properties of any DC motor. Which means that when you give electricity, the motor rotates. But if you rotate the motor, with some extra circuit, It can act like a dynamo.

Can a 9 volt motor rotate 9 volt dynamo?

Are you going to use the 9-volt motor as a dynamo, and the 9-volt dynamo as a motor? Yes, the motor can rotate the dynamo because DC motors and DC generators are actually the same thing--they just apply power to the terminals of a motor to make it turn, and turn the shaft of a generator to make power appear at the terminals. Having said that, if you're going to try to connect the shaft of a 9v motor to the shaft of a 9v dynamo, and use the dynamo to power the motor so as to create a perpetual motion machine...that won't work. The motor wastes a little bit of energy, as does the dynamo. It is possible to build a device that uses a motor to drive an alternator, which is the AC version of a dynamo. You power the motor from the AC grid, and power something that's very sensitive to noise on the line from the alternator. This is called a Motor Generator set, and it's how they powered Cray-1 supercomputers.

Can electricity be regenerated by connecting electric motor to a dynamo?

The question is mine......take one dynamo and a motor (both of them are DC).. If The Dynamo is 12v and the motor is 9v...and connect together.....means the rotating shaft of a motor is connecting using a belt then the other end connected to the rotating shaft of the dynamo ......connect the wire parallel......let start... take a cotton thread of 15 cm ...then round the thread on dynamo rotating shaft the pull it....the current from dynamo flows to motor that action make the motor rotates but not constant.....

What is dynamo in electricity?

A dynamo generates DC electricity

Difference between ac dynamo and dc dynamo?

1. AC Dynamo has full rings whereas DC Dynamo has split rings. 2. AC Dynamo produces alternating current whereas DC Dynamo produces direct current. 3. IN AC DYNAMO, CURRENT KEEPS CHANGING EVERY HALF OF A CYCLE WHEREAS IN DC DYNAMO, CURRENT FLOWS IN SAME DIRECTION.

Can an electric motor run another motor acting as a dynamo to power itself using a dc-dc converter?

Yes, but if you are asking if that configuration can be sustained, i.e. as a perpetual motion machine, the answer is no. There will always be losses associated with power conversion, and these losses make a perpetual motion machine an impossibility.

Can ac motor run on dc?


Can you convert a DC motor to run on AC?

The easiest way would be to convert the AC power to DC by using a rectifier diode and a filter capacitor. In that way you can now run your DC motor on DC.

How a DC motor is converted into generator?

In construction wise both dc motor& dc generator is same.if the mechanical energy is applied as input to the dc motor means,it will run as a GENERATOR.

Can I use a 9 volt DC power supply to run a 12 volt DC motor?

Yes, but the motor will not run as fast and have the torque that the motor would at 12 volts.

Can you run a 220 volt 1 horse motor with batteries?

batteries are only used for DC CIRCUTS. if the motor is a DC MOTOR you can.

Can a DC motor run on AC?

Some types can. A low-power dc motor that does not use a permanent magnet can run at reduced rating on ac.

What are brushes with reference to DC motors?

Bushes, with reference to DC motors is a brushed DC motor which is a motor that designed to run from a direct current (DC) power source. This type of motor is an internally committed electric motor.

Is the dynamo of a bicycle light ac or DC?


Can you power a motor directly form a dynamo?

Yes, like the dynamo on a bicycle that provides power for the light, instead it can run an electric motor with the help of a few cheap diodes(Bridge diode setup)

If you crank the shaft of a dc motor manually will the motor become a dc generator?

It depends on both the wiring of the motor and what if any residual magnetic field remains in the field windings. If there is some residual field, you will get some volts, but not many. If the motor has permanent magnets, it is effectively a dynamo.

What are the requirements of dc motor?

You need suitable DC power source to run it.

How do you convert a DC motor to a generator?

all the electrical machines can be run either as a motor or as a generator. but dc machines, A motor can be run as generator and vice versa with little modification

Can motor run on ac or dc?

Motors are available that run on either.