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Yes, all devices on a network must have a unique IP address or you will have an IP conflict and one of the devices will have its network connection disabled.

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Q: Does each computer at a library have a different IP Address?
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Should each computer using one network have a different IP?

Yes. Each computer on one network must have a different IP Address, in order to be able to communicate.

Does every computer have a different ip address?

No, an IP address is given to each internet provider, not each computer. For example, there could be five computers hooked up to the same network in which case they'd all have the same IP address.

How do you sync your iPod to a different computer?

An iPod can only be synced to one iTunes Library at a time (each computer has a different library). This means that, if you want to change the computer you manage your iPod with, it will need to be re-synced to the computer in question. To do this, connect your iPod to the computer you'd rather manage your iPod on. A popup from iTunes will say something along the lines of "This iPod is currently synced to a different Library. Would you like you sync this iPod to this Library instead?" Click Yes. After that, all the previous information from your other computer's iTunes Library will be erased and replaced with everything that you just synced your iPod with. From there, you can freely sync your iPod with that computer as you normally would.

Does each computer have its own address?

Yes, it does.

Does each computer connected to the internet has a unique address?

Yes. Each computer connected to the internet is assigned a unique internet protocol, or IP, address.

How does an IP address help computer find each other a network or the internet?

EVERY IP address is unique to each computer. Each IP address only relates to one computer (or network such as a school). Even though there may be a whole network of computers connected to one IP address, each computer in that network still has its own unique identifier.

Is it same ip prefix in all the machines in LAN?

IP address of each computer on a LAN has to be different to avoid confusion.

How do packets get to the right computer?

Each packet carries the address of the intended recipient. Each computer has a unique address. It works rather like the postal system.

How can you tell if an IP address is on the same network?

I'm guessing you mean on the same network as another IP address, right? If so, you would have to have a wireless router program on your computer to see what computers are currently on. Each computer has a different IP address.

What is an address that uniquely identifies the location of each computer or device connected to the Internet?

IP address.

What indefinite each computer connected to the internet?

have an unique IP address

Each computer on the Internet has a unique address called an IP address which stands for?

Internet Protocol I believe

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