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Does ear piercing hurt?


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June 25, 2013 5:18PM

It all depends on your level of tolerence for pain. If you hate needles, I suggest you wait until you`re a bit older to get it pierced or buy a product to numb the ear lobe so you don`t feel it .

Not much. It happens so fast, it ends up feeling more like a sharp pinch than anything else.

No, it does not hurt if ur doing it with the peircing gun it just stings for a sec. And a little bit after I promise.(: I'm only 12 and I have a ton of ear peircings including my cartallige just go for for it!

Body Piercing in the hands of a true professional body piercer working in an inspected and licensed studio is next to painless. You need to understand that "pain" is not an issue, it's fear of the unknown that you need to deal with. You have no idea what you are asking for and what is involved in getting it done. That's where the knowledge and experience of a professional body piercer can make the deference between an outrageously painful experience and an experience that you can't wait to tell your friends about because it was so easy.

You need to remove the fear by doing your research and not just the piercing, but the piercer, and the studio. Learn what you need to look for when looking for a Professional Body Piercer and understand what you are asking to have done. Talk to a few of your local professional body piercers and check out the studios, ask questions and learn. From that knowledge you will find the right studio with the right piercer for you, you need to be comfortable with the piercer and from that the trust in his/her skills will develop.

The "pain" is something you won't even consider, in the hands of a professional, the whole experience will be enjoyable and fun as it should be. Body Piercing is not for everyone, but for those who have been handled by true professional body piercers, it's one life's experience they remember as being one of the "cooler" things they have done. They still have the piercings to prove it. Happy Piercings.