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Q: Does eating bread make your butt get larger?
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Will wheat bread and milk make the but big?

Eating too much of anything will make that butt big. Exercise exercise exercise.

What types of food make your butt big?

eating corn bread and potatoes and also gluts excercise like squats.

Does bread make you butt bigger?


Can you make your butt bigger by eating lots of bread daily?

Eating a lot of carbs will definitely add pounds but they may not go the area you want them too.. Be satisfied with what you have.

What does butt augmentation mean?

To make your butt larger. Add to it. Make it fatter.

How do you make my butt larger?


Do butt clenches make your butt bigger?

Sorry but no not at all if you do lunges correctly and eat bread it will go to your butt and your butt will be big :)

What foods make your butt grow huge?

Cock'o'nut. so if we eat cockonut our butt will become big? i already have a huge butt i want to make it smaller bread will make your butt bigger

Are there any creams that make your butt larger?


Do hot dogs make your butt bigger?

Eating hot dogs would not make your butt bigger.

Does eating the crusts of bread give you curly hair?

No, eating the crusts of bread will not make you hair curly.

How do you make your butt bigger?

you have to eat butter and bread with milk

Does eating eggs make your butt bigger?

No but eating an excessive amount of calories will

How can you make your butt grow?

EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF BREAD!!!!!!!!!! Or you can pump fat into your butt. gluteous maxiumus

How can you make your butt fatter?

Eating fats and carbs.

Does eating sperm make your butt bigger?

no it dose not

Does eating potatoes make your butt big?


What exercises make your butt larger?

Squats, & lunges

Does bread with milk every night make your butt bigger?

Yes .

List of foods that make your butt bigger?

apples, bananas, whole wheat bread/pasta, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, broccoli, green beans, chicken breast, lean meat, fish [but also make sure you are working out your butt: lunges & squats (2-3 times a week), eating these foods alone will not make your butt bigger]

Can eating moldy bread make you sick?

Yes. Eating moldy bread can make you sick. Many molds contain poisons. Some do not. Do not take the risk.

Does wheat bread make your butt get bigger?

Yes wheat bread and milk drink it or eat it as little snacks during the day and u will get a bigger butt in about 2 wweks

What foods help get a bigger butt and breast other than eating Fenugreek and Maca Root?

No foods can increase butt or breast size in a normal, healthy way. however, eating excessive carbohydrates in your diet will increase fat production in the body. This will make the butt and breast size larger, as well as the rest of the body, and only because of fat deposits.

Do greens and corn bread make your butt big?

Yea if you eat enough of it

Does eating cornbread make your butt bigger?