Does education kill creativity

Updated: 11/10/2022
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it does since it says it on google

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Q: Does education kill creativity
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese education?

Chinese education focuses on basic subjects, while American education is more focused on creativity

What are the release dates for TEDTalks - 2006 Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity?

TEDTalks - 2006 Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity was released on: USA: June 2006

What enables the scientists to come up with new technology?

Education, creativity, experimentation and research.

Is china more advanced than America and how?

yeah by edu. and tech.

What was the time of creativity and learning in Athens called?

name a democratic city state, in which there was a focus on government and education in aceint greece

What was puritan education like?


What is use of computer in education?

to kill people

What has the author Elizabeth Jeep written?

Elizabeth Jeep has written: 'Classroom creativity' -- subject(s): Christian education, Teaching methods

What has the author Jane C Zahn written?

Jane C. Zahn has written: 'Creativity research and its implications for adult education' -- subject(s): Adult education, Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

How can education help in removing economic problems?

i will kill you

How does carving serves as education?

carving is educational becayuse it teaches us about creativity and art. To help us learn how to cut a carrot for example.

What are the source of human capital formation?

The sources of human capital formation under the creativity are education and health.The proper education and the proper maintenance of health and child birth can contribute towards human capital formation.