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Q: Does epsom salt help in a pond backyard and how much?
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How do you get beaver to leave backyard pond?

Show them the hedge trimmers

How much space does a duck need?

A duck needs a small or large backyard with a fence and a a pool , pond, or bathtub. They eat cereal.

Where can you get the most designed mermaid tail for a low price?

in your backyard pond

Backyard Ponds?

form_title=Backyard Ponds form_header=Whether you want a decorative or functional pond, a service professional can customize any pond to your liking. Do you want a pond professionally dug and installed?*= () Yes () No Do you intend to stock fish, turtles or aquatic plants in the pond?*= () Yes () No Do you want a fountain installed along with the pond?*= () Yes () No How big would you like the pond?*= _[50]

How can you make a pond in a dusty backyard?

First off, you will need to check on Your area's Zoning regulation. You will need to decide how much acreage you are willing to sacrifice for this pond. Try this link also for a great deal of info on how to build a pond. http:/

How wide are tide pools. Please help?

Tide pools can be the size of a backyard pond to the size of 2 semi trucks! Tide pools have many sizes and many widths.

What should you feed a tadpole that came from a backyard pond?

Give them fish food and rotting vegetables

What does it mean to have a heron in your backyard in the middle of winter?

That heron is after goldfish or koi in someones fish pond.

What do you do when your turtle gets too big for your tank and you have the biggest tank available?

put it in your backyard or a pond

Where could I buy a DIY waterfall kit for a backyard pond?

You could buy a do it yourself waterfall kit for a backyard pond at Eco Pond Supply. Their web address is There are literally dozens of sites which sell these kits.You can try or Ace Hardware also sells an inexpensive kit but it's not to my taste personally.

Is catching Blue Gill and putting them in a backyard pond illegal?

Aslong as it is not a protected species I do not believe so, now releasing fish from a home aquarium or pond into public waters is illegal.

How much fencing would you need to enclose a circular pond with diameter of 12.5 feet?

i need help