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Breast tenderness is a common symptom of pregnancy but not everyone experiences it, and it is not always the same in different pregnancies for the same woman. I was so sore in my first I couldn't even hug my husband, but in my second I had no tenderness at all.

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What could breast tenderness be a sign of?

There are a few different things that breast tenderness can be a sign on. Every month females can experience breast tenderness during their period. However, breast tenderness can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Is it normal for a pregnant woman not to experience breast tenderness right away or at least in the first few weeks of conception?

Yes. It effects every woman differently.

Does every pregnant woman have breast tenderness?

I've had 3 pregnancies and two children. Only in one of my pregnancies were my breasts tender.

How long does it take before you feel breast tenderness during pregnancy?

It can be as early as one month into your pregnancy or as late as eight months into your pregnancy. Its different in every woman. But dont be worried if you dont experience breast tenderness till your three months along.

Does every women experience breast tenderness during pregnancy?

As with many of the pregnancy symptoms, it is quite possible to not experience them and still have a perfectly normal pregnancy. Many women do not notice a change in their breasts at all.

Can breast tenderness and period that comes 2 days late that's light be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. Breast tenderness is a good way of telling that you're pregnant, especially if you're late having your period. Breast tenderness is a huge sign of pregnancy. I would wait to see if you get your period within the next week or two and take a HPT. Other signs of pregnancy are nausea (not every women gets it though), back pain, fatigue, going to the bathroom more. If you think you're pregnant, take an HPT, but give it enough time to detect the hormone. Which is about a month or so after conception. Otherwise, go to the doctor and they'll tell you for sure. Good luck!

What are some of the symptoms of being pregnant?

Missed period, tenderness of the breasts or nipples, nausua and vomiting, fatigue, darkening of the areola, frequent urination, are all common symptoms of pregnancy. Nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, missed period, spotting.ETC.............. I experience ligament stretching each time I get pregnant. It feels like sharp shooting pain on both sides of my lower abdomen. MY OB said this is normal. Other symptoms that I experience (but not until about week 6) include: anxiety, extremely short patience, dizziness, fatigue, nausea (minimal), sore nipples, lots of bathroom trips, difficulty concentrating. Every woman is different. Some don't experience any symptoms. The best thing to do is take a home test and then have your doctor do a blood test to confirm.

How early can symptoms start with a second pregnancy?

Every pregnancy is different.You may start having a few symptoms (i.e. breast tenderness,possibly frequent urination) as early as 2 weeks into the pregnancy or symptoms might show up much later.Some women experience little or no symptoms at all.

When do your breast get sore while pregnant?

Totally expected, they are producing milk. It happens in every woman, dont worry

You want to make a breast large?

Answer: You need to train/pump your breast-muscles, do that every day for as long as you like, the muscles will grow and your breast will appear larger. You can also drink hops-free beer, you will not get drunk since it got no hops in it but it will give your breast much more liquid. Pregnant women drink the hops-fee beer to make more milk but it also works wonders on the not-pregnant women´s breast, and no it will not make milk in you unless your pregnant.

Can you believe your pregnant when you are not?

Certainly, this is called a phantom or hysterical pregnancy. Some women will experience every symptom in the book and never actually be pregnant.

You have had the depo shot for 4 shots so about 8 months now you have every symptom you would have while pregnant but a neg pregnancy test what could this mean?

It means the DP shot is working. Like all hormonal BC -the side effectives to the DP are similar to pregnancy, nausea, breast tenderness, weight gain.

Is it normal that the breast is tender during period?

Yes it is normal. Before I got pregnant every period I had my breat would hurt.

How you can breastfeed without being pregnant?

Every woman who breast feeds has been pregnant; lactation continues from birth until the baby is weaned, during which time the mother is not pregnant.I don't think there's a drug which stimulates lactation in a woman who is not pregnant...yet

Could you be pregnant if your period was two weeks late and your breasts are getting bigger or swollen?

My breasts swell and become tender from PMS which happens around the time of my period. You could just be experiencing a greater rush of hormones due to your period being late. Hello. If you period is normal then its unlikely your pregnant. The hormones released during your period do cause a increase in breast size or a change in breast shape and tenderness to the breast and nipple area. But in what way it effects you is different in every woman. Because your period was two weeks late I would do a pregnancy test. If positive then see your doctor. Good luck.

Could you be pregnant if your breasts feel sore and your tummy twinges and feels tired and your period is due next week?

Breast tenderness is one sympton of pregnancy, but my breasts get sore the week before my period every single month, so that alone is not a good indicator. Also, many women experience cramps or nausea the week before their period. I suggest using protection when you have sex, and getting a pregnancy test. If you don't start your period on time and the test was negative, then go to your doctor.

How do you know when you period is coming?

For some, it is easy to tell when their period will begin, and for others there are no signs, making it more difficult to tell. For those who experience symptoms leading up to their period, there is a variety of tell-tale signals. Some of these signals include headaches or migraines, cramping in the lower abdomen, back aches, mood changes, bloating, and breast tenderness. It is important to remember that every woman has a unique experience when it comes to their menstrual cycle.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you are on Depo-Provera?

AnswerIf you mean what are some similarities in side affects of the depo and being pregnant some of them are: breast tenderness, no periods or less bleeding, weight gain or loss, nausea, and other things less common. Its different in every woman but usually the same symptoms when your not on any contraceptive medication. If you suspect pregnancy see your doctor.Its unlikely to become pregnant while on DEPO. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test. The symptoms would be the same symptoms as any woman gets when she's pregnant.

Do you have to have breast tenderness to be pregnant?

AnswerNot necessarily, every woman and every pregnancy are different.My breasts were extremely sore with my first, before I even missed a period, but I had hardly any discomfort the second time aroundAnswerPMS can cause breast tenderness as can peri-menopause and menopause. Taking birth control pills can also give you breast tenderness and believe it or not in some older women drinking too much caffeine. Before I went for my yearly mammogram I was told not to drink any caffeine 24 hours before getting the test. Some women (from 20 up) can form cluster lumps or small non-cancerous lumps and by drinking too much caffeine this can raise them enough in the x-ray for the technician to become suspicious and worry yourself to death. Nix the caffeine when going for a mammogram! Also some medications can cause breast tenderness so when taking any medication (especially any medications with hormones such as birth control or Hormone Replacement) expect sore breasts.In some women this can be extremely uncomfortable so wear an old bra to bed to support your breasts during this time and you're sure to have a good nights sleep.

Does spotting happen to every pregnant woman?

I don't think so. I did not experience having a spotting in my two pregnancy period. If that happens to a pregnant woman she better consult her doctor.

If you dont have sensitive breasts could you still be pregnant?

If your having uprotected sex pregnancy could happen. You dont have to have sensitive breast to be pregnant every woman is different so we all get differnet signs of pregnancy

How many women die from breast cancer every twelve minutes?

This year, a breast cancer will be newly diagnosed every three minutes, and one woman will die from breast cancer every 12 minutes.

How many people are diagnosed with breast cancer every day?

125 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day

Can stopping the birth control pill cause breast tenderness?

for almost 1 year and seven months taking birth control pill,i decided to stop using it.after a month i noticed some changes in my body i expercience mood swings,irregular ovulation sometimes breast tenderness and sympthoms of pregnancy.I was very uncomfortable at all times wondering what happen to my body so in order for me to stop worrying i keep on searching to the internet after then my questions have been answered,it is normal to every individual woman who expercience it.

How long does breast soreness and tenderness last can it stop 3-4 wks into pregnancy?

It could last your entire pregnancy, every person is different. I suggest getting the book "What to expect when expecting" they are really cheap online at places like