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  • Everyone dreams while they are sleeping but not everybody remembers it, so if people tell you they don't have dreams, they are mistaken.

um i not mistaken........ i kno i not dream

  • Yes, but not everyone remembers them when they wake up.
  • It is possible to have REM sleep with no dreaming. I just had a sleep study, and it was confirmed that I was not dreaming during the REM phase of sleep. According to the technician, in order to remember a dream, one must wake up during or just after the dream. Otherwise it is not remembered. However, it is wrong to assume that everyone dreams and just do not remember the dreams. Some people do not dream very often.

Humans dream every 1/2 hour and seldom remember most of them and that's because they are in total REM sleep (meaning a deep sleep with eyes moving back and forth under closed eyelids.) When a person is stressed out they are not in total REM sleep (tossing/turning) and it's the last few seconds just before waking that an individual can remember a dream or nightmares. Nightmares are caused from stress. If a human didn't dream they actually would go crazy. Dreaming releases tension in the body and mind.

  • Yes, everyone does dream. Normally, people don't remember their dreams. When you decide you want to sleep, you fall into a daydream, that is where you dream a nightmare or a more pleasant dream. You then fall into a deep sleep, this is where most people forget their dreams.
  • Yes, everyone of every age dreams at night. Dreams often occur in the rem stage of sleep, which is often the last 15-30 minutes of the sleep cycle, Even though one may not recall or remember what they were dreaming about, the brain is still working and dreams still occur.
  • Everyone does not dream every night. I sleep, but only few nights I dream. Thank God that I remember everything! and some dreams too when I see dreams. We do not see dreams every night because "Dreams are not the things we see while we are sleeping, It is a thing that does not let us sleep". You would have observed that when you do not see dream, when you wake-up you are Fresh! but when you dream, you feel like sleeping again and feel lazy. Its just that "We do not dream every time we sleep"

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Q: Does everyone dream while they're sleeping?
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Is it impossible to not have a dream while sleeping?

No. You do not always have a dream.

What is a dreamhow can one dream while sleeping?

dream is thougt of someone which happened in daily life,that thing we watch while sleeping.

How do people dream while sleeping?

People dream while sleeping as they reflect on the events that happened during the day or anticipate on the future events.

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Of course. You will dream while standing on your head, if you can just get to sleep.

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Most people dream every night, but not everyone remembers that they had been dreaming.

If you smile when you are sleeping?

If you smile while ur sleeping your normally having a good dream or your not really asleep.

Why do you dream while sleeping?

You can dream of many things when you are asleep. You can also have more then one dream in a night. It is because of your thoughts.

What does it mean when you dream of someone while sleeping?

that you miss the mutual interactions

What is the cause of drooling while sleeping?

It is were you dream about a food that you love or something

Why do you dreams?

You dream because your brain is thinking while sleeping. Why do you see it? Because it's your imagination. Your imagination gets better while sleeping.

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It probably means your hands were hurting while you were sleeping. ... maybe you subconsciously don't think you are in control or you hate everyone else controlling you.

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