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Maybe most of them but not all of them have an education

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Q: Does everyone in Israel get an education?
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How much education do people have in israel?

Israel's literacy rate is close to 98%. Almost everyone graduates high school, and many go on to college. See also:About Israel

Who is the Minister of Education for Israel?

Shai Piron is the Minister of Education for Israel.

When was American Israel Education Foundation created?

American Israel Education Foundation was created in 1990.

When was Free Education for Everyone created?

Free Education for Everyone was created in 2008.

Does Israel pay for education and medical care for all of its citizens?

Yes , actually Health care , education are totally free in Israel!

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No, it is at war with everyone.

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What has the author Geraldo Semenzato written?

Geraldo Semenzato has written: 'Education in Israel' -- subject(s): Education

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