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go the the website and find out....

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Q: Does fanshawe college offer a real estate course?
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What course should you do if you want to get into real estate?

There really isn't a college course specifically geared towards becoming a real estate agent, but a lot of companies offer real estate training courses so that you can secure a license.

Is there a real estate course available at a nearby college?

Yes, there are several Professional Institutes and Schools offering real estate education. Some of these offer online educational programs and continuing educational programs to achieve your goal.

Does any college offer criminology courses in Kerala?

Yes ,A.P.A College in tamilnadu offer the course criminology

What colleges offer a bookkeeping course?

There are a number of different colleges that offer bookkeeping courses. Some of the colleges that offer course for bookkeeping are The City College of New York, Everett Community College, and U.S. Career Institute.

Does Phoenix University offer online real estate license courses?

Yes University of Phoenix does in fact offer some real estate course online. They would not be my first choice though.

Which service's are offered through Hunt Real Estate?

They can offer you a course for getting a real estate license which is a 75 hour-long course. The new agents can get additional help from the professional trainer.

What college is good in Winnipeg for an RN?

University of Manitoba has the best RN course in the Province. You can also find an RN course at Herzing College or Robertson College. Both offer the same type of course.

Does Lindsey Wilson College offer a web design course?

Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky does offer a 3 credit hour course in Web Design and Development. Their URL is

What universities and colleges offer a major in security?

It can be a major in a university or college, but not in any university or college, as it depends on what the university has to offer. Make sure you ask which universities offer the course you want.

Does Chemeketa Community college have a program to teach me how to become a realestate agent?

No, Chemeketa Community College does not list Real Estate as a program they offer on their website.

What are some Canadian colleges that offer an electrician course?

There are many Canadian colleges that offer an electrician course. Examples of some Canadian colleges that offer an electrician course includes Academy Canada and the Electrical College of Canada.

Is a statutory law course available at our local college?

Most colleges offer law course. It would be best to make an appointment with a councellor at your local college and discuus the course available.