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Fed Ex usually brings it to your door.

As an employee of Fedex, I can tell you we cannot leave packages in a customer's mailbox.

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Q: Does fed ed drop the package off at your house or in your mailbox?
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How do to get package via fed ex through Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo must send it by Fed Ex

Can you fedex a package to an individual without an address?

Of course not ! How will Fed-Ex know where to deliver the package without an address !

What American courier has a dog holding a package for its logo?

fed ex

How long will fed ex hold a package?

Five working days.

Is opening a Fed Ex package the doesn't belong to you and selling the contents a crime?


How much does it cost to send a package to Africa?

Shipped approximately 10lb package from clovis nm to Ghana west africa Fed Ex cost was $270. Almost double what the cost of contents of package . Another person shipped a fed ex bubble wrap envelop it weigh was about 8 oz cost $140.00

Is it a crime to keep a Fed Ex package that's not yours?

Yes, and it's a felony if you open it.

How is electrical energy fed into the house?

By cables.

how can i used the homeless shelter care package?

I would use the care package as a need of surival, whatever came in the package you should be able to keep warm and fed if the weather is cold and you are unable to gain shelter at the homeless shelter.

How long does it take for fed ex ground to deliver a package from Florida 32750 to Texas 78228?

Should take 3-5 days depending on the conditions that the package is going through and how good the sorters are in the hubs that the package goes through.

How long package ground fed ex Virginia to California?

Anywhere from two to six days, depending on freight volume.

Who will not deliver to PO Boxes?

It isn't really who won't...because I should think any delivery service would be happy to deliver to one...but PO Boxes, being part of the US Gov't, only allow the USPS to access them and others can't. In fact, the same is true at your house: When Fed Ex or UPS delivers, they can leave it at your door, or anywhere on your property, except they can't place it in you mailbox...not even the notice they tried to deliver something. The mailbox is only for USPS items.