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No. Arousel can make them slightly bigger temporarily but that's it.

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Q: Does fondling breasts make them smaller?
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How do you play with your breasts to make them bigger?

by fondling, touching and pulling. play with the boobs often

Can you make your breasts smaller by putting lotion on them?

Lol, No you can not make your breasts smaller by putting lotion on them. :P But, You can get a breast reduction. :]

Will vomiting make your breasts smaller?


Does sleeping or laying on your breasts make them smaller?

No i am pretty shore it docent make them smaller.

What can make your breasts smaller?

Nothing specifically as such. However, losing weight may make them smaller because breasts are largely made of fatty tissue.

Does playing sports make a women's breasts smaller?


Why they suck the breasts?

Not a very discriptive question. Women love having their breasts sucked on because the nerves in their breasts trigger sexual impulses. Women can actually get an orgasm from nipple fondling

Is it normal to enjoy fondling your breasts?

Yes, it is normal for men & women to explore their bodies. Its a form of masturbation.

Does pushing down on the breast tissue make the breast smaller?

No. It can temporarily make breasts appear smaller, but there is no way to decrease the size of breasts except weight loss or surgery.

Will hulla hoopin make your breasts smaller?

No. There is only one way to make them smaller and that is surgery. If you are overweight they might get smaller if you loose weight.

Can your breasts get smaller after stopping on the pill?

It is not that they are getting smaller, it is that the breasts are going back to their normal size. Birth control can sometimes make the breasts swell, just like right before your period. They will not be any smaller then before birth control.

How do you make breasts look smaller?

You can buy bras that push them down.