Does galvanometer have polarity

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Does galvanometer have polarity
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What is the difference between the construction of a moving coil galvanometer and a ballistic galvanometer?

What is the difference between the construction of a moving coil galvanometer and a ballistic galvanometer?

What is a NULL Point of a galvanometer?

Its a point on the galvanometer where the galvanometer shows no deflection as no current passes through it.

What is unstable galvanometer?

An unstable galvanometer refers to a type of galvanometer that tends to oscillate or exhibit excessive sensitivity, making it difficult to maintain a steady position when subjected to external influences. This instability can arise from factors such as mechanical design, insufficient damping, or sensitivity to external magnetic fields.

Does a galvanometer have a reversed current or not?

The current is reversed in a galvanometer

Why tangent galvanometer is called tangent galvanometer?

because in tangent galvanometer earth magnetic field and magnetic field of magnet inside galvanometer are perpendicular to each other

How you convert galvanometer into ammeter in detail?

By attaching a resistance in parallel connection with the galvanometer. Or when a low resistor connected in parallel with galvanometer ,the galvanometer is converted in ammeter. and the resistor is called shunt resistance.

What is weston galvanometer?

The weston type galvanometer is a moving coil galvanometer in which a pointer is attached to the coil for measuring deflection due to torque .

Steps in making a galvanometer?

A galvanometer is used to test an electrical current. A galvanometer can be made using a compass and a thin gauge of wire.

Why A sensitive galvanometer cannot be stable?

A sensitive galvanometer cannot be stable. Explain Why?

What are applications of ballistic galvanometer?

application of Ballistic Galvanometer 1) measurements of electric charges

Why do you need to set a galvanometer to 0?

Zero is the normal position of the galvanometer when there is no detection in process.

Why galvanometer are used in electronic instruments that measures low current and voltage?

The galvanometer is very sensitive.