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Q: Does garlic powder get rid of fleas?
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Does garlic powder really kill fleas?

Garlic ingested can be toxic.

Can garlic salt rid a pet of fleas?


Can adding garlic to dog food get rid of fleas?

First of all garlic is toxic to dogs, second of all the only thing going to get rid of fleas is an antiparasitic like advantage multi, revolution, or sentinal.

How do you get rid of fleas on your chickens?

Chickens don't get fleas, they get mites. You can get rid of them by getting a certain poutlry powder that kills them. You put this down in the pen.

How do I get rid of fleas in my house?

The simple, step-by-step guide to getting rid of fleas in your home and on your .... i have used baby powder and it work real good for fleas on my dogs or use wet ...

How do you eliminate dog fleas from the home?

buy flea powder and a flea bombs to help get rid of the fleas it works for me

Herbal help for pets fleas?

To help get rid of/keep away fleas, feed your animal garlic. This is a natural way to keep away fleas and it doesn't make your pet sick.

Can you give dogs garlic pills to get rid of fleas?

i'm not so sure, i've never given any of my dogs garlic pills for fleas. Ask your vet, that'll probably be the safest option. xx

How do you substitute granulated garlic for garlic powder?

Use the powder and not the granulated garlic.

What would make fleas leave a dog?

Why not try flea powder or give your dog a bath using flea shampoo to get rid of your dog's fleas?

How do you get ride of fleas?

Hi goes garlic get ride of fleas

Is garlic powder salt?

No, garlic powder is not salt, it's garlic powder but it may contain about 0.5% of sodium.

Is garlic salt and garlic powder the same?

No, garlic powder is a powder-like substance. And garlic salt is a more salt-like substance.

Does giving your dog garlic get rid of fleas?

No. Whoever told you that needs to go back to school. Garlic is poisonous to dogs. Garlic (and onions) cause haemolytic anaemia in dogs (the bursting of red blood cells). Too much of it will obviously mean that oxygen being carried by the cells is not reaching the organs, so the dog will die. Never give a dog onion or garlic under any circumstances. And no, garlic does not get rid of fleas.

Why is garlic harmful to dogs?

Garlic is not harmful to dogs. Some dogs dislike the smell or taste & won't eat it, but many pet owners add garlic powder or finely chopped garlic to their pet's food to help in repelling fleas.

Does garlic stops human hair from shedding?

No. But look at your category. It will help keep fleas off your dog. Add some garlic powder [NOT garlic salt] to their food, or give one SMALL garlic perle in a treat per day. Don't complain if your dog has obnoxious flatulence. It's that or fleas or poison chemicals on your dog.

Can garlic powder melt ice?

No garlic powder can not melt ice.

Will garlic powder on their food kill worms in dogs?

No. Only worm medication will rid the dog of worms.

How much dosage of wild garlic should a person use to remove fleas from felines?

Garlic will not remove fleas from cats.

Will garlic kill fleas?

Many people believe that feeding their animals a garlic supplement will kill fleas.

Are ground garlic and garlic powder the same thing?

No they are not .Ground garlic is very fine while garlic powder is thicker.

Is garlic powder used the same as granulated garlic?

yes it is almost same but I would suggest that its better to use crushed garlic rather than garlic powder

How many teaspoons of garlic powder equal a clove of garlic?

Weigh the garlic clove and then weigh the garlic powder to make sure it is the same weight. That is how much powder equals a clove of garlic.

Does vinegar help get rid of fleas?

Molt vinegar helps get rid if fleas

What does a taste of garlic powder mean?

garlic powder until you taste fool