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Q: Does gravity move water down the water table?
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Does gravity and the force of the water cause sediment to move downstream?

not the force of water, but gravity and density does

Gravity also makes water move. What makes water move?

Air pressure or water pressure makes water move.

Does the book on the table have a force acting on it going upwards if no why or yes?

For example, if the book is resting on a table, gravity pulls the book down, and the table pushes the book up.

Why do cars move faster going down?


What is what makes a glacier move down a mountain?


Why is it easier to ride your bicycle down?

This is because gravity is pulling you down, so you don't have to pedal as much downhill. Uphill, on the other hand, gravity is STILL pulling you down, so you have to fight to move forward AND to move against gravity.

A boy pushing horizontally on a large heavy table why is it that the table does not move?

The mass of the object (force of gravity) and the frictional force of moving the table are greater than the horizontal force that the boy is exerting on the table... so it won't move

What causes water to move?

Gravity and the moon and sun

What force keeps the water move downhill?


How do you move in water in super Metroid?

eventually you get the gravity suit this lets you move through water unhindered

What causes toy cars to move down ramps?


How does water move around the earth?

due to attraction of the earths gravity the water will atrracted by it