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Gross pay is what your pay is before tax deductions.

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Q: Does gross pay includes the overtime and bonus payments?
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Does gross salary include overtime?

yes, any overtime is included in gross salary

Does gross income include Social Security payments for income tax purposes?

Not exactly. Gross income includes the taxable portion of Social Security benefits, which is 0-85% of the payments.

Bonus is calculated on gross salary or basic?


What is the difference between gross pay and net pay known as-?

Gross pay is a persons pay that is including overtime, allowances and bonuses. Net pay is when it is totaled together and subtracting the gross pay from it.

What is base salary versus gross salary?

Base salary would be the basic minimum amount promised. Gross salary would include overtime, bonuses, etc.

Can you get workman's com and disability at the same time?

In the state of Alabama, you ( I am) can draw WC payments and be on SSDI at the same time. If your WC payments and SSDI payments do not reach 80% of your gross salary, you are not penalized on SSDI payments

What is the limit on child support payments in NC?

Federal limits place it at 55% of gross income.

Can child support payments be used to determine gross income for eligibility for public assistance?


What is considered income on your income tax returns?

Gross income. General definition. Gross income means all income from whatever source derived unless excluded by law. Section 22 GROSS INCOME: (a): Gross income includes* gains, profits, and income derived from salaries, wages, or compensation for personal service...

What is the Difference between gross salary and basic salary?

There are several differences between gross salary and basic salary. Basic salary is the agreed upon rate of pay discussed between employer and employee which does not include overtime or any other forms of extra compensation. Gross salary is the salary paid before taxes that include overtime pay, holiday pay, and shift differentials if applicable.

Mary earns 11.75 an hour and time-and-a half for overtime and double time on holidays Last week she worked 40 hours regular and 6.5 hours overtime and 8 hours holiday what was her gross pay?


Are end of the year bonuses from work taxable income and if so should the bonus be added to your regular pays gross income and then taxed or should the bonus be a separate check taxed individually?

Yes, they are taxable income to the recipient. Whether the bonus is paid with regular income or as a separate check is immaterial. Bonuses are considered regular income by the IRS and taxed same as regular income is. The bonus is included in box 1 of the W2 as gross wages.

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