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Does hail float?

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Hail is just ice, so it will float in water.

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Does hail float in water?

Yes. Hail is ice. Ice floats in water.

How does hail form.What factors govern the ultimate size of hailstorms?

Hail forms due to thunderstorms carrying water upwards, and past their freezing point. As the tiny ice balls known as hail float around in the atmosphere, additional water freezing onto them causes them to grow.

What were the relationships between SS and victims?

The victims loved the ss i am telling you dis because i am Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla scisim de German gorhegano

When was Hail Hail the Celts Are Here created?

Hail Hail the Celts Are Here was created in 1961.

What is the word 'hail' when translated from English to Japanese?

Hail can have many meanings, such as "hailing" a taxi, "hail" that falls from the sky, "hail" as in "greet," etc. Though I'm not sure which context you're referring to, the hail that falls from the sky is 'arare.' "Hail" as in "Hail to the king!" is 'banzai.' "Hail" as in "greet" can be 'aisatsu suru.'

What is wet hail?

Wet hail is hail that has a coating of liquid water on it.

Collective noun for hail?

There is no standard collective noun used to group hail.The noun hail is a standardized collective noun for:a hail of bulletsa hail of insults.

How much hail does hail alley get in a year?

"Hail alley," averages seven to nine hail days per year.

Do thunderstorms have hail?

Hail is a product of thunderstorms, but ost thunderstorms to not produce hail.

Can you stop hail?

no you can not stop hail

What does hail causes?

nothing but hail

What is the homonym for hail?

Hail- to rain down with chunks of ice Hail- to cheer or greet

What is the size of hail in a tornado?

Although it is not uncommon for tornadoes to be accompanied by large hail there is not particular size of hail that is associate with them. Large hail can occur without tornadoes and tornadoes can occur without hail.

Are hail and hail stones the same?

Not exactly. Hailstone is to hail as raindrop is to rain. Hailstones are the actual objects that fall to the ground. The term hail can be applied to the hailstones themselves, or to the phenomenon of hail falling.

Does Asia have hail?

yes everwhere has hail

What can hail be used for?

hail can be use for ice

What does hail mean in Hebrew?

hail = barad (ברד)

Is hail ice?

Yes. Hail is ice.

How do you spell hail?

"Hail" is the correct spelling.

What is Hail mean in the prayer Hail Mary?

Familiar to Catholics from its use in the "Hail Mary" the word "hail" is from the verb "to hail" which means to greet or call upon or signal to someone. In the prayer the "Hail Mary" it is being used as a form of formal and polite salutation.

Where does hail fall the most?

The most hail ever to fall was in Kansas USA. The hail was 46cm deep.

Can it hail on the ocean?

Absolutely ! Hail is formed in thunderstorms - which can develop anywhere on the planet.

How is sleet diffferent from hail?

sleet is different from hail because hail is hard coming down and sleet is not

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