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Yes, it does.

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Q: Does high pitched sound produce shrill voice?
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What is a sentence for the word shrill?

Her shrill voice hurt my ears.The whistle made a shrill, high-pitched sound.

What is shrill voice?


What does pitch mean in speech?

For speech, as for music, pitch means the frequency of the sound your voice is producing. High frequencies produce a high-pitched voice, and low frequencies produce low-pitched voices. On average, women's voices are pitched about an octave higher than men's.

Which of the following is the best definition for the word skirling as it's used in The Interlopers A a lilting voice B A shrill wailing sound C a soft whisper D speaking in a flat tone?

A shrill wailing sound.

Why does freds voice sound gay?

I think it's a special program he used to make his voice sound higher pitched.

What does Fred's voice sound like?

High pitched and sqeaky

A high pitched sound much like crying?

Kind of! It just depends on how you do a high pitched voice! If you whined while you were doing a high pitched voice, then yes! :)

How do you use the word shrill in a sentence?

I heard the shrill wail of a siren, it was the neighbours burglar alarm.

Is that true that when you trained in an underwater your voice have a hihg pitched?

yes the sound is high piched

What are the voice levels?

it fully depends on the physical body of the is stated the woman has high pitch voice or shrill voice... and male have hoarse voice..

Why is the sound of ladies and child are shril?

The voices of a ladies and child (male or female) is shrill because their voice boxes (larynxes) are small. Men have bigger larynxes which grow during puberty. That's why a small boy will have a squeaky voice and then during puberty his voice deepens.

Can you Name the organ in your body which help to produce sound?

in human ,the sound is produced by the voice box or larynx