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Does homeschooling have any bad effects on the child's skills?


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October 06, 2008 12:38AM

== == I'm a homeschooled kid and many people I know have talked to me about this. From what I have been told people say that homeschooling usually does affect their people skills. My advice to you is to get your homeschoolers involved in sports and other kinds of activities like church projects, dramas, plays, musicals and other types of things. _________________________________________________________________ It really depends on the home. If a parent has bad people skills, then it is likely the child may as well. Of course, a parent having bad people skills can affect the child even if they are enrolled in school. As far as poor people skills due to not being in a classroom setting, that in itself does not cause negative issues. As long as the homeschooling parent makes sure that the child is exposed to other children and involved in group activities, then there should be no problems. My daughters have homeschooled for 4 years and are perfectly capable of conversing with an adult or another child. They play well with others, can deal with a bully, know how to joke around, and know when to be serious. They are quite outgoing and confident without being obnoxious or thinking they are better than someone else. They are also very much individuals.