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Any practice that you do -- such as homework! -- is going to improve your knowledge.

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Yes. It also helps students to develop study habits, whether good or bad, and learn to be responsible.

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Homework helps you to understand a lesson and gives you an opportunity to ask questions if there is something you did not understand, so yes, it does help you get better at a lesson.

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Q: Does homework help students learn more?
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Does homework help students overcome their shyness?

It probably can because homework is practice you are taking home to learn better so if you practice something more then when you learn it you wont be shy to say the answer.

Is there any relation between the grades of students who do homework and students that don't?

Of course there is. The more you practice what you're learning, the better you know it and the better your grades will be. Homework is practice to help you learn better.

Why does homework make students lazy?

Homework makes students the opposite - it helps them learn to be more responsible and get better grades.

Why does homework increase test scores?

Homework provides students with an opportunity to learn responsibility, study skills, and self-discipline. It also supplements and/or prepares students for what they learn in class. Students who consistently do their homework learn more, which in turn can increase test scores.

How can students benefit from no homework?

It only helps the students who are already doing well in that class - homework is practice to help you learn more and remember what you're learning. If you don't ever have homework, you're not going to learn as well as if you practice.

How does homework refresh students minds?

Homework is practice to help you learn, and it also teaches you to be more responsible. It keeps your brain alert the same way that exercise helps your body to be healthier - the more you use something, the better you get at it.

Why is it important to do homework well?

Homework is practice to help you learn the material - if you do it properly, you learn more and make better grades

How does homework reinforce knowledge?

Teachers often give assignments consisting of reading, problem solving, or writing that the students must do after class, usually at home. Ideally, the purpose of homework is to help reinforce what was taught in class. Sometimes its purpose is to gather extra information beyond what was taught in class. Unfortunately, there are some teachers who just don't understand the meaning of homework and give it as something to keep the students busy.

What is an idea for an essay about satire?

WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you. We WILL help you learn how to do your essay. First, learn what satire is - then click on the Related Question for more help!

Do doctors hate homework?

No, doctors have more homework than you do when they go to medical school. They understand that it's necessary to help you learn.

Why don't we have more homework?

Homework is to practice the material and help you learn more. If the teacher feels you're doing well, they might not assign as much work.

Why do some students not do their homework?

Mostly because they are immature and don't really understand how it helps them make better grades and learn more.