Does hydrogen peroxide affect seed growth?

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No it does not affect seed growth!!!!!

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Q: Does hydrogen peroxide affect seed growth?
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Does hydrogen peroxide soften the seed coat allowing the seed to germinate quicker?

yes it does

What happens if you put an orange seed in hydrogen peroxide?

it helps the seed grow faster or enhancer

How does magnet affect growth of seed?

They don't. Magnets and magnetism has no effect on seed or plant growth whatsoever.

Does the orientation a seed is planted affect the growth of the seed?

no, as long as the seed is not planted too deeply

How does acid rain affect seed growth?

seeds are mutated

Does acid rain affect a beans seed growth?

yes seed beans are affected by acid rain

Does presoaking seed affect the germination and growth of plants?

Yes, though for each seed length and outcome are different.

Does the size of the seed affect the plants growth?

the answer is yes , seed size does effect the growth of th plant. for example,an avocado seed takes a hole 2 months to start growing well.

What is the Effects of hydrogen peroxide on seed germination?

hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)is a strong disinfecting agent and is found in most bleaches; it is commonly used in surface sterilization of plant materials and to disinfect propagation tools! if you were try to water or germinate seeds (or seedlings) using this it would kill them!

Does seed size affect plant growth?

yes it does because of its size and it will grow more

Does the type of liquis affect the the growth of a seed?

If you used coloured water, it will change the colour of the petals.

Does the location of a planted seed affect its growth?

Yes, due to light, water availability etc.

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