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Q: Does hymen hurt
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Does tearing the hymen hurt?

if your hymen if completely closed over then yeah it will hurt to be honest. if its not closed over then stay relaxed and you wont notice it

How bad does it hurt when you break your hymen?

Your hymen does not break, it can tear as a result of vaginal penetration if it is rough or forced. The hymen has little in the way of nerve endings so there is little to no pain when the hymen is torn, however if sex is rough or forced it can hurt the vagina or vulva.

Does it hurt when your hymen is torn?

yes! it hurts alot.

Does it hurt for all girls or women when their hymen breaks?

No not necessarily

Does it hurt to give birth if you still have your hymen?

The hymen would have broken during sexual intercourse, before pregnancy. So having a hymen during birth would not be an issue.

Does a hymen hurt?

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening, there's no reason for the hymen to hurt you as it's a part of your body like any other. The hymen can be torn as a result of vaginal penetration, usually only if penetration is rough or forced, which can sometimes cause pain but not always.

Will it hurt when the hymen breaks?

Some degree of pain will definitely be present. The actual amount of pain depends on how gently the hymen was broken, personal pain threshold of the hymen owner, etc.

How do you break your hymen with out pain?

You do not break your hymen - it can tear but only if penetration is rough or forced, and even when torn it doesn't normally hurt. There's no reason to tear your hymen, just leave it the hell alone.

I have a thick hymen and my tampon wont go in is it possible to break your hymen before having sex and will it hurt?

its posible to break ur hymen before and it will hurt, how much, depends on ur pain tollerance. use a dildo or somthing like that something big and shove it in there, but if u hurt yourself by doing that its not my fault and dont blame this answer to ur question cuz im done getting in trouble ;)

If your hymen is broke and your vagina stretched dos sex hurt?

Yes it does, i have learnt from personal experience.

Does it hurt when you brake your hymen?

Well it depends if your hymen has disc or drum brakes. When I broke my first hymen it didn't appear to cause any distress to the girl. I've broken about 15 and really haven't experienced any painful reactions.

Does after braking of hymen does it pains even on washing?

The hymen does not break - it can tear if penetration is rough or forced, but typically it will stretch or wear away - vaginal tissue can tear during rough penetration too. When the hymen does tear it can hurt but not always as there are few nerve endings in the hymen, most commonly pain is a result of tearing or irritation of the vagina and/or vulva. How long it can hurt for depends on damage done, but if it continues for a few days then you should see your doctor.

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