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Yes. Ice is solid water. Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.

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Q: Does ice have hydrogen and oxygen?
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Related questions

What are the atoms in an ice cube?

H2O (hydrogen & oxygen).

What is made from tiny frozen pieces of hydrogen and oxygen?

tiny hydrogen and oxygen ice cubes

What elements are present in ice?

Hydrogen and Oxygen

Is there hydrogen and oxygen in snow and ice?

Yes, they are made up of water which is made of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O)

Does Ice contain oxygen?

Yes. Ice is solid water and water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

In what quantities is oxygen in ice?

Ice is water, water is composed of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen molecules, therefore oxygen is 1/3 of ice (by volume, not mass).

What element is found in ice?

The two biggies are Oxygen and Hydrogen.

Are ice cubes a compound?

Answer: Yes, Ice cubes are a compound, because they consist of hydrogen and oxygen.

Is ice a compound substance?

yes, because ice is just frozen water hydrogen and oxygen

Is ice a compound or and element?

Ice means condensed water. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. So ice is a compound.

How does ice form on a comet?

They do not have any ice on them where are the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in space that can combine to make water

Is ice a compound?

Ice is indeed a compound, as it consists of 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule.

What elements make up ice?

Hydrogen and oxygen- ice is solid water, which consists of H2 and O2

What is ice composed of?

Frozen Hydrogen and oxygen frozen h20= frozen water

What type of bond is present in a block of ice?

Hydrogen bond is present between the ice molecules and single covalent bond is present between hydrogen and oxygen.

Can you get oxygen on Mars?

You could if you separated the hydrogen and oxygen of the water ice by electrolysis, which would probably be very impractical.

What two gases ice made of?

ice is frozen water,2 molecules hydrogen and 1 oxygen, h2o

Word equation for hydrogen and oxygen?

Hydrogen + Oxygen = Hydrogen Oxide

Does ice have hydrogen?

yes it does, as ice is the frozen state of water and water's chemical formula is h2o, where "h" is hydrogen and "o" is oxygen, but the chemical properties of hydrogen are not same as in "h2" cause it has been reacted with oxygen and lost its original chemical properties as single atom bond....

How many kinds of atoms are in ice?

3, Hydrogen X2 and Oxygen aka water frozen

Is ice an example of a native mineral?

No. A native mineral is composed of only one element. Ice, the mineral, is composed of two -- hydrogen and oxygen.

Does ice contain elements?

Ice is solid water. Water is a chemical compound, with the formula H2O, which contains atoms of the elements Hydrogen and Oxygen.

When hydrogen and oxygen combine and form water water is?

hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

What is the attractive force broken when ice melts?

Hydrogen bonds, which form between the hydrogen and the loan pair of electrons on the oxygen of another water molecule.

How are a molecule of hydrogen and a molecule of oxygen similar?

There are two hydrogen/oxygen atoms in each molecule of hydrogen/oxygen.