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A computer's speed depend on FSB and ram memory ..... increasing of ram definitely increase computer speed and performance..

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Q: Does increasing RAM increase the speed of your computer?
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By increasing 512MB ram to 1GB ram what will increase?

i think the speed of the computer will increase

How does RAM increase speed of computer?


How increasing RAM increases computer speed?

Increasing RAM will mean that your computer can run more applications at the same time, however, the speed will not change. The speed of a computer relies on the processor and graphics card (for gaming).

What are three major factors that contribute positively for increasing the processing speed of a computer?

# Increasing processor clock speed # Increasing processor cache size # Increasing RAM throughput

Does increasing the memory of a computer makes is faster?

Increasing random access memory (RAM) up to the limit is recommended to increase speed. The limit will depend on your computer.Increasing the storage memory on a drive (by upgrading it or clearing it out) will not usually make much difference to the speed of computation, unless the drive was previously very full, which leads to fragmentation, slowing data movement.Increasing virtual memory settings can increase speed. It is far better to increase RAM than it is to increase Virtual memory as virtual memory is very slow compared to RAM.

Will adding a memory card increase the speed of the computer?

It depends on your definition of memory card and speed of computer. If you are asking about a removable storage card, then the answer is "no." If you are asking about increasing the physical RAM inside the computer, the answer is "probably," but there may be other factors involved in your particular computer. If you are using a Windows computer with less than 3GB of RAM, then adding RAM almost certainly will make it appear that things are running faster.

What is an RAM speed?

RAM speed is how fast your computer goes. The more RAM, the faster your computer.

Adding more RAM will speed up your computer's ability to process information.?

the data floww increasing process ...

Which computer is fast a computer with prossesor speed of 550Mhz and 128Mb RAM or computer with processor speed of 550Mhz and 256Mb RAM?

computer with prossesor speed of 550Mh and 128Mb RAM

Will adding ram to your computer speed it up for video games i have a 1.3 ghz processor and 4gb of ram windows 8.1?

Yes, by adding RAM to your computer will increase the performance of your video game.

What is an RAM?

RAM speed is how fast your computer goes. The more RAM, the faster your computer.

My Windows Vista computer is running very slow, will a RAM upgrade make it run faster?

If your computer does not meet the minimum RAM requirement for Vista, an upgrade will increase speed.

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