Does intelligender work

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes, in my opnion, Intelligender does work, its really simple inhome gender prediction test.

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Q: Does intelligender work
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Does the intelligender work?

It worked for me great.... its a BOY!!!

Does the ring pregnancy gender trick only work on pregnant woman?

AnswerThis trick is not for perfect suggestion, I use only IntelliGender products. And i get perfect suggestion about my baby gender predictions. This trick is only superstition/old wives tale, so it is not proven to work at all, but it is supposed to be performed on a pregnant woman's belly.-

How should you make your wife pregnant?

When my wife is pregnant than just check its Gender Prediction Test at home with the help of IntelliGender products. IntelliGender provide the facility for Baby Gender Prediction at home without any side effects.- short answer is to have sex with her frequently.

Is it true that there is a blood test that can tell you the gender of a baby while being pregnant?

yes there is but its not accurate and they are NOT willing to provide money back! but there is a urine test called intelligender which some say it works.. and its about $40... whereas the blood test is $500...

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