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It does not require a subnet mask.

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Q: Does ipv6 require a subnet mask?
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What is IPv6's default subnet mask?


Can a subnet mask have letters in it?

If you represent it in Hexadecimal, sure. That's very uncommon in IPv4, but just fine for IPv6.

Subnet mask of

The default subnet mask would be

What class has subnet mask

If this is a default subnet mask, then it would be a class C subnet mask. If you are subnetting a network and this is not the default subnet mask, then it could be either a class A or class B.

Defference bw a default subnet mask and a custom subnet mask?

The default subnet mask has a standard size. The custom subnet mask allows you to make subnets that are smaller or larger than the default.

What is the subnet mask of IP address

The default subnet mask is

Default subnet mask for ip

Default Subnet mask:

What is the default subnet mask for the address?

default subnet mask for

What is Subnet mass?

It is called a subnet mask. A subnet mask is used for dividing IP addresses into host and network addresses.

How can you change from a subnet mask of to a subnet mask of

2 given subnets

What is the difference between a default subnet mask and a custom subnet mask?

A default subnet mask gives you classful addressing on octet boundaries. A non-default subnet mask implies that you are subnetting a larger network into several smaller ones.

What is the subnet mask number to this IP address number

Subnet mask for the above is

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