Does iron ore rust?


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Iron ores are frequently iron oxides and don't rust.

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A rust streak is a streak in iron ore veins that was oxidized. Rust forms when oxygen oxidizes iron ore.

Iron ore is not iron, it is a mixture of compounds containing iron.

As ore: basically rust mixed with stone.

Iron is not actually made out of iron ore. Iron is extracted through a melting process from the iron ore.

no they are not the same because iron is a metal that is obtained from its ore called iron ore

Iron ore is processed in order to get the iron metal from the ore.

Iron comes from iron ore. Iron ore is a compound of Iron and oxygen. A similar compound is called rust. The ore is mined in the ground. It used to be made in large blast furnaces. The iron ore would be mixed with coke (a product made from coal). They would be placed in the blast furnace. Then the furnace would be started and Iron would flow out the bottom. Steel would be produced by adding other metals to the iron and removing some of the carbon.

No they will not get rust they are not iron to get rust. only iron get rust.

Iron Ore fines are Iron Ore that have been crushed to under 10mm. Iron Ore pellets are Iron Ore fines that have been concentrated and bonded together to form small balls, or pellets.

Chemical change, because it cannot be reversed/ cannot be undone Iron rusting is a chemical change (Oxidization) the elements iron and oxygen form a molecular bond to form a compound known as Iron oxide (Rust). this reaction can be undone as is done with iron ore.

Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

In Minecraft,in order to get iron ore out of a mined block of iron you need to smelt the iron ore block in a furnace.

You have to smelt it to get the iron out. Other wise, you can't get iron form iron ore.

The principal ore for iron is haematite.

No; iron ore is mixed with copper and smelted; the ore needs to be refined to extract pure iron. You cannot make a tool out of ore, but rather with pure iron.

it depends on how much of Iron Ore you have

Iron ore is composed of limestone

Iron ore is not a renewable resource.

Magnetite is a mineral ore of iron.

Iron Ore is an Iron Compound. Iron ore is usually used to make pig iron(metallic iron), cast iron, corrugated iron structural sheeting, and wrought iron.

Iron does rust by reacting with oxygen.

The iron ore is refined into iron, The molten iron is then alloyed (mixed) with other molten metals, commonly chromium and nickel, along with carbon. There are different mixes to produce stainless steel with different properties. It is not truly stainless, but is stain RESISTANT and rust RESISTANT.

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