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Load is 2.2 KW. 220 heater uses 10A (220X10 = 2200 W = 2.2 KW) 110 heaters use 22A (10X22 = 2200 W = 2.2 KW). Electricity companies charge per Kilowatt, so, theoretically, you pay the same.


You pay for the energy you use, and that is measured in kilowatt-hours. So if you have a 2 kW heater it doesn't matter about the voltage - provided the heater is run at its correct voltage as marked on the rear plate. A 2 kW heater uses 2 units (kilowatt-hours) for each hour it is switched on, which costs about £0.30 or $0.30.

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Q: Does it cost more to run one 240V heater or two 120V heaters?
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