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Does it cost more to run one 240V heater or two 120V heaters?

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Let do some easy mat.

Load is 2.2 KW. 220 heater uses 10A (220X10 = 2200 W = 2.2 KW) 110 heaters use 22A (10X22 = 2200 W = 2.2 KW). Electricity companies charge per Kilowatt, so, theoretically, you pay the same.


You pay for the energy you use, and that is measured in kilowatt-hours. So if you have a 2 kW heater it doesn't matter about the voltage - provided the heater is run at its correct voltage as marked on the rear plate. A 2 kW heater uses 2 units (kilowatt-hours) for each hour it is switched on, which costs about £0.30 or $0.30.

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Is 240V cheaper than 120V?

Cost is based on watts not voltage...pkazsr

For 1KW electricity does 240V or 120V cost less?

Power = Volts x Amps. Hence 1kW is irrelevant of voltage.

What is the Cost of indirect water heater system?

Indirect water heaters are one of the most energy efficient, low cost water heaters on the market today. It stores 40 gallons of water for the cost of $0.05 per day.

Are tankless water heaters more cost effective than the traditional water heater?

While tankless water heaters are significantly more efficient than traditional water heaters, it can take up to 22 years to break even on the cost, due to the initial expense of the tankless water heater itself. Unfortunately, by the time the tankless water heater starts to pay for itself, it will likely have exceeded its 20-year lifespan.

How much cost per hours for electric heater in Toronto?

To answer this question a total wattage of the heaters and the cost per kilowatt hour must be stated. The cost per kilowatt hour can be obtained from your Ontario Hydro bill. Multiply the total wattage by the length of time in hours that the heaters are in operation. This will give you the cost of operation of the heaters.

IS there an adapter for a 240V heater that will allow you to plug it into two 110V outlets?

No. Sounds like a fairly hazardous thing to try as well. If it's to use a heater in the US, then buy a US heater at a lower cost than any adaptor that might do the job for you. If it's to use on a UK building site that has 110V but doesn't have 240V, it breaks all the rules because you end up with 240V where you shouldn't.

How much do Rheem Tankless Water Heaters cost?

Tankless water heaters are produced by a wide range of manufacturers. The Rheem tankless water heater has a cost range from the mid fifteen hundreds to over two thousand dollars.

Gas pool heater?

There are many gas pool heaters. Most are efficient and cost less to run than electric heating.

What are some drawbacks of Bradford White Water Heaters?

Bradford Water Heaters have a strong reputation and the company has been around for over 100 years. Probably the biggest drawback to this heater is it's cost. The initial investment can be quite high. But, with quality, there is always a cost. Over time, the heater will likely be well worth the expense.

Would it cost more for a 120V portable heater to heat a room than a 240V baseboard heater if they are the same wattage?

NOwattage is wattageyou pay for wattage X hoursAnother opinionThat is not totally true!While it is true you pay for watt-hours, a 240v baseboard heater can generate a lot more heat then a 120v heater, thus it can heat an area faster and runs for less time to do so.In a big room on a cold day that 120v will run nonstop while a 240v will cycle on and off.My parents used to use portable 120v heaters in cold months before they got natural gas heating. I was and still am using 240v baseboard heating for my entire house. My electric bill was about 80.00 per month cheaper the theirs.Both houses are 2-1/2 story semi attached, my house is about 30 years older and draftier!The proof is in the pudding!Yet another opinionThe first answer is correct. Any kind of electrical energy, including heat, is supplied and sold in kilowatt-hours, not in volts or watts. Higher-powered heaters can indeed heat a room up from cold much faster than can lower-powered ones but the average amounts of electrical energy they would each require to maintain a given temperature level in the same room over the same period of time - whether it is a day or week - would be identical.It is not truly valid to make such a rough comparison between the costs of supplying heat to one house versus another house because, apart from the amounts of insulation (or lack of it!) which they may have, the various rooms in those two houses may be running at different temperature levels at different times of day to suit their different occupants' needs.

How do Valco's Radiant Tube heaters compare to Infrared heaters?

The major difference is savings cost. Infrared heaters can save more than 30% more money then a conventional radiant tube heater. Depending on your business that could add up to thousands of dollars.

Are space heaters expensive to run?

Generally if the space heater is powered by electricity, you can be assured that the running cost will be high. You may be able to lower the cost be running the space heater in short bursts or during times of a lower electricity tariff.

Which heaters are rated the best for efficiency?

Best radiant space heater. Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Heater ... quartz heater for its silent operation, effective heating, energy efficiency and safety . The most efficient heaters available, according to my research are infared heaters. The brand that pops up the most is Comfort Zone. They heat through infared technology. Not only emitting heat into the air, but also heating walls and furniture to hold heat in. They are both cost effective and efficient.

Are Infrared Heaters more cost efficient than a regular space heater?

Infrared Heaters are generally more cost efficient then regular space heaters. The reason is that they heat the object directly rather then heating the air, so it wastes less engergy. Ive seen estimates that say its as much as 80% more energy efficient.

What does a propane space heater cost?

Propane space heaters start at around å£90. Also required will be the propane gas for burning. These heaters are great for heating large spaces but should not be used whilst sleeping.

Does a pool pump on 220 volts use the same amount of energy as a 110 volt?

Assuming it is also rated for 120V., yes. The wattage doesn't change with an increase or decrease in voltage. However, the current draw does. When you double the voltage a load is hooked up to, the Amperage draw (current) drops in half. Example: if a 240 volt heater draws 6 amps, it will draw 12 amps if connected to 120V. If a 120V heater draws 15 amps, it will draw only 7.5 amps when connected to 240V. But power, or wattage stays the same, regardless. And this is what is used to calculate energy usage and therefore, cost. Please note the above answer says "if it is also rated for"

How much do heaters for warm water fish cost?

It really depends on three things; your currency (Im going to assume US dollars), the size of the aquarium, and the quality of heater you wish. A decent quality heater for a moderately sized aquarium (20-30 gallons) will be appoximately $20-25 USD. In general heaters cost around $15-40 USD depending on the variables discussed above. Check out the heater section at And have a look at the Jager Heater line. I've attached a link.

Where can you find the cheapest storage heater?

You need check various options based on your needs, modern storage heaters are energy efficient and cost you less in long run, products from sunhouse are great.. they are sometimes referred to as night storage heaters.. you can find more about storage heaters at cnm online

How do you install a tanklless water heater?

When you purchase a tankless water heater it will have instructions on how to install the item. Tankless water heaters normally run anywhere from $120 to $2,000. The replacement cost is between there. However, most have warranties.

Are propane heaters better than electric heaters?

Propane heaters have a better rating than electric heaters. This is due to the lower cost of ownership.

Which cost less to operate 120 v appliance or 220 v appliance?

For the most part, they cost about the same. For instance, if you look up a 120V, 2hp electric motor in a catalog, you will find it draws about 18A. 120V * 18A = 2160 watts. If you look up a 240V, 2hp motor, it will draw about 9A. 240V * 9A = 2160 watts. Watts are watts. Watts are what you pay for. It takes a certain amount of power to perform a particular task, irregardless of the voltage supply. You typically see larger loads, such as a dryer, range or AC unit fed from 240V. This is because the lower current draw permits you to run smaller wire, which is less expensive to install.

DO I need a hot water take to go with the new heater?

Yes, you will need a hot water tank for your water heater. There are, however, some tankless water heaters on the market. They cost a bit more, but there is a federal tax credit on them.

What is more economical 110 or 220 electric baseboard heaters?

Not counting the equipment or installation cost, and assuming the cost of electricity is the same in either system, running cost depends on the power consumed. So check the wattage of the heater. Consider also that the heater may not be on all the time to maintain a temperature. If a heater has twice the power (not voltage) of another and is on for half the time it works out the same.

How do you repair a 120V appliance after it has been plugged into 240V?

If it smoked or smelled bad and doesn't work at all If it were me I would'NT even try. Toss it and buy a new one. Most appliances today will probably cost to much to repair to be worth it.

What are the advantages of propane heaters?

Propane heaters cost less to run per hour.