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no, you won't feel any pain at all.

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How do you make an uncircumcised penis not hurt during sex?

Your penis should not hurt during sex regardless of whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised. You should see your doctor to have the problem properly diagnosed and treated. If your penis hurts during sex because your foreskin is tight, you might want to see the link below for information on how to stretch your foreskin.

Is it normal for the exposed glans of an uncircumcised penis to hurt when you first pull back the foreskin?

It is normal for the glans to be extremely sensitive. What you are feeling when you touch it is not really pain and the extreme sensitivity will diminish before to long. A way to get this feeling under control is to lubricate the glans and foreskin and gently roll the foreskin backwards and forwards over the glans. As you do when you masturbate.

Your son complains that his penis hurts It is uncircumcised?

There are many things that can hurt so take him to the doctor to find out exactly. The foreskin can be too tight to pull back to wash or has gotten swollen and tight if not rolled back on after washing, the urethra can hurt if he has a UTI, the glans can be irritated by friction etc. There can be many reasons.

Does intercourse hurt for uncircumcised men?

No, sexual intercourse shouldn't hurt for anyone. If you're having pain during intercourse you should see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. The most common cause of pain during intercourse for uncircumcised men is a condition called phimosis, which is when the foreskin can not slide back to expose the head of the penis. The condition can be treated easily with a series of stretching exercised and the use of a corticosteroid cream. For more information on this, search Wikianswers for, "How do you stretch your foreskin?"

Why does it hurt babys to pull their foreskin back?

because a baby's foreskin is still connected to the Glans penis in much the same way as a finger nail is connected to the finger. The only person that should pull back a foreskin is the owner of the foreskin. and they will sooner or later.

Will it hurt to get uncircomsized at a older age?

You can't get uncircumcised if you have been circumcised as circumcision is the amputation of the prepuce or foreskin of the penis. You can sometimes re-establish a semblance of a foreskin with special stretching exercises over a long period of tom but it can not be restored to its former form or sensitivity.

What happens when penis enters vagine does foreskin gets torn?

No. The vagina is soft and not hard. Your penis is supposed to have a foreskin so nothing will get hurt.

Does circumcision hurt even when your foreskin is fully pulled back and I am 16?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin. After a circumcision, there IS no foreskin to pull back. And like ANY surgery, yes, there is pain.

Does it hurt to roll your foreskin back?

It shouldn't hurt to roll your foreskin back. While it's normal for infants and young boys to not be able to roll back their foreskins, most boys can roll back their foreskins easily and all the way by puberty. If you foreskin is too tight and is painful to roll back, you can gradually stretch the foreskin using a topical corticosteroid cream. For more information on how to do this, search on Wikianswers for "How do you stretch your foreskin?"

Does moving penis skin up and down give plessure?

It might give pleasure, but if the foreskin is tight,it will hurt you.

Why there will be pain for some man when pulling his foreskin back?

Yes, but it shouldn't hurt.

Is it normal to expose the shaft when pulling back the foreskin?

because I pulled my foreskin as far back as possible, it didn't hurt, until I saw where the foreskin meets the actual shaft. except it looked weird. My base looks fine, but then in the meeting place my penis kinda shrinks in. Sort of like an hourglass shape but not as obvious or defined. That's the best way I can explain it.

Does sex hurt with an uncircumsized penis And can the foreskin break?

it depends how big the willy is - I once had sex with a bloke who had been circumcised and he had a big willy - so yes it did hurt

Is it normal for your foreskin to hurt when you pull it far back?

No as a mater of fact it should feel good. If you have a very tight foreskin then that could be the problem . all you need are some foreskin stretching exercises.

When i get an erection my foreskin does not roll back automatically but when i do get an erection i can roll it back and it does not hurt but if i go to masturbate is just rolls back up. What do i do?

When you masturbate You should hold your penis by the foreskin and pull the foreskin up and down over the head (GLANS) of the penis. Use a Little lubricant is saliva if you like to make it work more smoothly. The foreskin has over 20.000 pleasurable nerve endings in it and should play a part in masturbation. don try to copy masturbation as done by those that are circumcised. use the foreskin and get 20.00 times more fun from it. Just go with it gently for starters while it is still a little tight. or look up "how do you stretch your foreskin" on wiki ask at the top of the page to help you with the best way to go about it.

Should it hurt when you pull back your foreskin?

No it should not. In the first place if your foreskin is still very tight around the glans you should make an effort to loosen it a litle more so it moves back and forth easily ( look up "how do I loosen my foreskin") if you have only recently managed to expose the glans penis you may be confusing the extreme sensitivity of this part of the penis with pain. be patient and it will get less sensitive. However of there seems to be inflammation you may have to treat it with a disinfectant creme or see a medical professional about it.

What should you do if you are 16 and not circumcised and it makes sex hurt because the tip gets red and the foreskin doesn't go back and you feel cheated because of your parents' decision?

A tight foreskin is somewhat common in uncircumcised men. It is a problem that can easily be fixed without circumcision. The opening of the foreskin can be gradually stretched using a combination of stretching exercises and a topical medication. You can learn about how to stretch your foreskin by searching on Wikianswers for "How do you stretch your foreskin?" Gradual stretching works in about 95% of cases and allows you to avoid circumcision, which has a painful two to three week recovery period.

Ok Well I finally got my foreskin all the way back but its very tight around the head and when I get an erection it tends to hurt a little?

If the normal way for your foreskin is to be over the head of the penis you should roll is back. If it is tight and hurts during an erection contacts a urologist. You might need a small incision aka partial circumcision.

Why does it hurt when your uncircumsized and you pull back the foreskin?

It shouldn't hurt. Your foreskin might be too tight or you might have a phimosis. If you're young your foreskin might still be fused to your glans, and it might not be ready to be retracted. If all goes well by the time you hit puberty the foreskin should retract fully and easily without any pain whatsoever. The process of loosening and retracting the foreskin can sometimes bring about some discomfort especially as the glans start to become exposed to the touch. These are very very sensitive and will take a little time to get used to being manipulated. However boys being boys they will usually muck about with it until the foreskin retracts easily back and forth over the head of the penis.

Does uncircumcised sex hurt?

It actually should feel better than any other circumcised sex you've had. @edit: Uncircumcised sex dose not hurt, Though the four skin moving back may or may not hurt. Other wise during sexual actions it will not hurt. But the four skin can be tender when pulling it back so you might just want to make sure it only goes back ones.

Should it hurt when you pull your foreskin back? probably just needs a Little stretching This is not unusual in young men and a couple of weeks of stretching exercises will have it rolling back and forth the way it should. This will also open up a new world of sexual pleasure that only the intact penis can give. Go to ask at the top of this page and ask"How do I stretch my foreskin"

Does it hurt when you roll the foreskin back?

Generally it should not hurt to roll your foreskin back. If it is painful for you, then you should see a doctor. If the skin can not roll back because it is too tight, this is a condition called phimosis which can be treated by a gradual stretching process. If the pain developed suddenly as the result of irritation or inflammation, you should see a doctor for treatment.

Does it hurt when the foreskin goes back?

When you consider the sensitivity of the glans and of the foreskin you will have to treat it gently for a while while it gets used to and loose enough to move back and forth easily. The heightening of the new sensations involved can at first be confused with pain.

Can you paint your penis?

No it would hurt I got soap on my Penis and it hurt

You have an uncircumcised penis your doctor said that you had too pull your foreskin back behind the head you tried it but can only go halfway then it hurts you afraid to have sex thinkin it will hurt?

If you are able to pull your foreskin back at least halfway, then you probably do not suffer from Phimosis, which is a medical condition characterized by a very tight foreskin. You should never try to force your foreskin back over the head of your penis if it is not able to do so freely and easily. What your doctor is asking you to do is to stretch your foreskin. This is something you must do over a period of days and weeks to yield the best results. The important thing understand is that you cannot rush this process. If you do, you run the risk of entrapping your foreskin behind the head of your penis, which is very painful, can cause it to swell and may require circumcision to fix. There are many options you can choose to stretch your foreskin, but the best method by far is manually. Some fellows use an emolient cream or hand lotion to soften the skin, and then gently stretch the end of the foreskin, spreading it out and pulling in every direction enough so that you feel a firm tug, but it is not painful. If your foreskin hurts while you are doing this, then you are going too far too fast. If you make it part of your regular daily routine to gently stretch your foreskin, you'll see better results. Some guys make it part of their masturbation. Avoid using mechanical aids or stretching devices, as they carry the risk of doing physical damage. If you continue to have a problem, you may wish to consult your doctor about your alternatives. Take a look at the link posted below on safe techniques you can use. ******** I agree with the comments above it is unlikely you suffer from any medical condition. My best advise is to take a bath. Taking a bath in warm water will assist you in stretchign your skin. During your bath gently pull your skin as far back over the head of your penis as you can and then pull it back to the front, back and forth for several minutes. The warm water will assist the process.