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After 28 years I am a returning student to the college arena. It does not reflect badly on you if you are required to take the SAT or ACT exams more than once. Much of the information and processes some of us had to learn has changed over time. So if getting updated knowledge and retaking these tests is needed I believe it is better to do so now than to give up the dream.

AnswerNope. As long as you pass it, they do not care how much you take the tests. It just takes a lot of money out of your pocket. AnswerThey do not look at how many times you take the SAT/ACT tests. They just look at the highest score you got and that's it. Whether you take it 1 time or take it 5 times, the colleges don't care. Just your highest score.

It only looks bad if your scores do not improve.


Some colleges suggest that you should take the SAT at most three or so times. This is because taking five or six SAT's shows that you are overly desperate to get into that college (and there are better ways to show your desperation). My advice is to take it once and try to improve your score for the second exam.

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Q: Does it look bad if you take the SAT or ACT multiple times?
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I would suggest taking the ACT multiple times if possible. But you should take the ACT before you apply to colleges. It doesn't matter if you have your scored back or not yet, just have the ACT report your scores to all the schools you will be applying to onve your exam is graded.

Can you still get accepted to a college if you dont meet one of their requirements on the act?

yes! Admissions does not only look at ACT scores. You may have strengths elsewhere that they take into consideration. I have seen this several times.

What test do you have to take to get into Pepperdine?

Pepperdine accepts both the SAT and the ACT. If you take the ACT, they recommend that you take the ACT plus writing. THe school does not look at SAT subject test scores.

Are there open-ended questions on the ACT?

All questions on the ACT are multiple choice, except the optional essay if you decided to take the ACT with Writing. On the other hand, the SAT has 10 grid in questions (non-multiple choice in which you come up with the answer) on the Math portion.

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How many times can you retake ACT for college?

You can re-take the ACT test as many times as you want to. They are only offered every month. You must also fator in that takin gthe test costs around $80 each time you take it.

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