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Does it matter what side you get a cartilage pierced if your a girl?

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It really doesn't matter what side unless you have bumps and junk on one ear. It doesn't hurt bad either.

It does not matter! :D

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Right if your a lesbian, left if your straight. On the contrary. It doesn't matter which side you get your cartilage pierced on. In today's society the left is right right is wrong saying is only used for guys, it holds no meaning to women. Go with whatever feels the most comfortable! so...IT DOESN'T MATTER! :)

contrary to popular misbelief there is no gay straight side to ear cartilage or ear lobe piercing.

It depends on which side you prefer. It doesn't matter which side you get pierced.

doesnt matter !Answer Bgetting nose pierced is not permitted in Islam unless it is usuall as beauty of women in the local culture.

Whichever side would make you happiest. There is no right answer

Cocaine usage!! I had my nose pierced on the left side about 16 years ago. The cartilage in that side is completely gone.

It doesn't matter which side. Either is appropriate.

You can pierce either side. I have my left cartilage pierced but I also know people with the right side.

well.. i have my first and second hole and my cartilage pierced... the only side effect i can think of is that it may hurt some... but that's really it... for your cartilage you cant sleep on it or else it hurts

You can get your cartilage pierced on whatever side you chose. Just FYI the right side is said to be the "gay ear" but it mostly just applies to guys. You can pierce whatever side you want since it is your life! Hope this helps :)

Absolutely nothing. The side doesn't matter.

well i dont think it counts for girls. both of mine are double pierced and my cartilage on my right side is pierced. i didn't even think about that "rule" until after it was pierced. i know im not gay. i think it just counts for guys when they only get one pierced

Whichever you'd like. Its a good idea to get it n the side that you don't sleep on or use when you're talking on the phone. That just makes healing easier.

No, it doesn't matter where you get your lip pierced at persay but I personally think that piercing your lip looks absolutely disgusting but if you do decide to get it done get it done on the side of your lip near the corner of your mouth:)

of course , but you cant have more than one . and only put your piercing on your tissue side not your cartilage or any where else . your welcome.

It doesn't matter which side you pierce it's up to you and your professional body piercer.

Dougie Had his Lip Pierced on his Left Hand side.

Nothing.I have mine pierced on the left, and i think it looks better on the left.But you should care about what side your nose gets pierced on cause it doesn't matter unless you make a big deal out of it.

Yes. She has 10 piercings. -On the left ear: she has 3 lobe piercings, & 2 cartilage piercing. -On the right ear: lobe piercings on the right ear & 1 cartilage piercing. -Belly piercing. -Nose pierced, on the right side.

Your navel cause there are more nerves. Unless they hit a nerve in your ear then the side of your neck stings. Or if you get cartilage done that pretty bad s***.

I always see people with the left and right side pierced( not at the same time) so you can have either

yes, she has her nose pierced on the right side

Actually, he has his nose pierced on the BOTH sides!

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