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Unless your owners manual says that you must use super unleaded gas, you should just use regular unleaded. Otherwise you are just wasting your money and possibly harming your engine. super unleaded petrol has a higher octain rate than unleaded. check your owners manual for the optimal rate you should be using for the engine.

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Q: Does it really matter if you unleaded vs super unleaded gas?
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Mixing unleaded and super unleaded gas is it good?

There is no risk in mixing super unleaded gas and regular unleaded gas. Super is just given to the name of a gasoline because of cleaning agents and octane added to the gas not because the gas is completely different.

How is super unleaded and regular unleaded gas shipped to the gas stations?

DOT406 Tank Truck

You are using unleaded gas for your 1.4 vauxhall astra before when you started using super unleaded your car stops running Why does it mena that ly car is not compatible with super unleaded?

The only difference in regular unleaded fuel and super unleaded is the octane rating is higher in super unleaded fuel. Burning super unleaded would not cause your vehicle to die.

Is super unleaded gas better for environment?

Super unleaded gas is not better for the environment. Super is to be used for specific vehicles.?æIf the auto does not require super, using it will not provide better efficiency or fuel economy.

What is another name for super unleaded gas?


Can super unleaded gas be run in cars designed for regular gas?

Yes you can. Super unleaded gas is just lower in lead so it will not leave as much residue in the system thus giving better gas mileage.

Can you use super unleaded gas in a car that requires unleaded?

Yes. You can always use a higher octane gas but you might see no benefit to the additional cost.

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car I Accidentally put super unleaded instead of regular unleaded gas.?

Nothing happens, except your wallet will be lighter.

Can you put super unleaded in a 1998 merceedes that requires preminum gas?


Is regular unleaded or super unleaded gas best for a 1985 mercury 115 horse power motor?

Regular 87 octane should be sufficient

What happen to engine with diesel gas that is suppose to be unleaded gas?


What type of gas does a 2000 v6 camaro use?

you can use 87 octane reg unleaded or 97 super unleaded its up to you id go with what the pervious owner used

Can you use regular unleaded gas in a car that requires super unleaded?

Yes, but your engine will cut back on power. The computer is designed to monitor the octane level and perform accordingly.

What type of Gasoline is used in an infinity Q45?

The correct type of gas is super unleaded 91 to 93 octane.

Does a 1989 Mercedes Benz 420 SL use unleaded gas?

420 does i really hope.

1989 Yamaha benshee what type of gas do you use?

i always ran anything above reg. unleaded so 89 octane and up if stock nothing over super unleaded

What was the price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas in 1995?

the price of unleaded gas in 1995 was a 1.26

Is it ok to put unleaded gas in diesel tank?

No. Do not put unleaded gas in a diesel tank.

Do you use regular or unleaded in a riding lawnmower?

regular gas IS unleaded...

Can you use super unleaded gas in a car that says use premium only?

Bad idea. Most cars that are Premium Only are designed to take about 92 octane fuel at the lowest. The car will, in fact, run with super unleaded gas but it will create damage to your engine in the long-run. And if low octane gas is used frequently, it can greatly reduce the life of your car.

What kind of gas does a 97 Dodge Ram take?

regular unleaded.regular unleaded.

What type of gas for a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Regular unleaded.Regular unleaded.

Can unleaded gas be used instead of Coleman fuel?

You can use unleaded gas in any gas lantern,I am using it for years in 100+ lanterns

What is the difference between unleaded gas and petrol?

Unleaded gas is petrol. In some countries they call it petrol and in others it is called gasoline or gas.

What kind of gas does a gas scooter use?