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no more than it hails taxis. Yes, if you look very closly at a rain drop.......they are puppies and kitties. =] Yes, if you look very closly at a rain drop.......they are puppies and kitties. =]

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Can it really rain cats and dogs?

Of course not! 'I's raining cats and dog!' is an idiom. The precipitation would have to be made of cats and dogs in order for it to rain cats and dogs. Cats and dogs could never make up a cloud because 1) they are too heavy, and 2) they can't evaporate.

What is a heavy rainfall?

Heavy rain means that there is alot of rain, or is raining really hard. Another saying is its raining cats and dogs

Are dogs scared of rain?

No, cats are.

What is a hyperbole about rain?

Its raining cats and dogs!

Can it rain cats and dogs?

No! Its an expression, meaning it is absoulutly tipping down. Cats are not water, therefore they cannot "Rain".

When it rains hard what animals is it said to rain?

It is said to rain cats and dogs.

Do dogs like cats?

Some dogs like cats, but it really depends on the dog.

Who is afraid dogs or cats?

dogs are really only trying to play but cats can get frightened because cats think the dogs are trying to attack

Can it really rain cats and dogs or some other kind of animal?

Yes, fishes and frogs have been known to fall with the rains.

Hyperbole sentences for rain?

It's raining cats & dogs!

Are cats and dogs similar?

No not really.

AVERAGE Temperature in rodanthe nc in the month of may?

If it rains alot it will rain cats and dog[mostly cats] people will get free animals for rest of their life!!! But sadly those cats and dogs don't have parachutes so they can't rain cats and dogs...

What does it mean when its raning cats and dogs?

When someone says it is raining cats and dogs they actually mean the rain is very heavy.Something like hail.

Who tamed cats?

Cats were domesticated before recorded history, just as dogs were. No one really knows the who, where or when of the domestication of cats and of dogs.

What is a metaphor using the word rain?

It's raining cats and dogs

Do cats and dogs really dream?


What dogs get on well with cats?

Choclate labs get along with cats really well

What do you call drenching rain?

when it is coming down in sheets , or raining cats and dogs!!!

How much did it rain in Kentucky in 2008?

A lot, it even rains cats and dogs

Is its snowing cats and dogs a idiom?

No, the idiom is only used to refer to rain.

Can cats have babies with dogs?

Yes and they are really ugly...

What falls form clouds?

Cats and dogs really

Are cats more silent than dogs?

I think that cats are more than dogs because if someone knocks on the door some dogs bark at it, but cats don't really care they will stay where they are.

Another word for very heavy rain?

down pour raining cats and dogs

How does it rain cats and dogs?

That sir is an expression used to tell people that it is raining hard

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