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Yes. Many mountainous areas experience snow, in addition to other areas.


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The U.S. is a country, and therefore there are no countries within it that speak Spanish.

which countries speak Spanish = cuales Paises ablan Espalñol (English to Spanish translation)

The answer is that there are no northern countries that speak Spanish. all Latina/Hispanic countries are in the south near the equator.

Yes there are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world.

All Central American countries except Belize predominantly speak Spanish.

20 countries speak Spanish because in addition to spain, the remaining 19 countries were all once colonies of spain.

Spain and Portugal are the two countries that make up the Iberian peninsula. In Spain they speak Spanish and in Portugal they speak Portuguese.

There are none. By definition, French countries speak French.

Click the link below labeled "Spanish-speaking countries."

The following South American countries do not speak Spanish:BrazilSurinameFrench GuianaThe Falkland IslandsThese countries do not speak spanish because they were never colonies of Spain.

There are 21 countries that speak Spanish as their main language. If you are asking for the five largest countries, they are:MexicoSpainColombiaArgentinaPeru

India is a country. Having countries within countries is kinda rare. Thre isn't one in india, so it can't speak spanish

four of the five countries bordering Peru speak Spanish:EcuadorColombiaBoliviaChile

Chileans do speak Spanish; it is the official language of Chile.

The following South American countries speak Spanish: Argentina Bolivia Chile Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela

The Philippines.If you speak Spanish you can understand Tagalog. [this is not even remotely true].

They do speak Spanish in many South American countries. However, in some countries Portuguese is the official language. Many people can also speak a secondary language.

Many football players speak Spanish, especially in countries where Spanish is the national language. Spain for instance

Probably every country has people that speak Spanish as their second language.

Taco flavor kissesThere is only one Mexico, and by other "mexican countries" do you mean Latin Countries? If they are Latin, they speak Spanish.

9 Countries speak Spanish in Sur America

in the 15th century Spain travelled to America looking for land. that is why lots of the countries near there speak Spanish. but in south America and Brazil doesn't speak Spanish, and above Mexico. i hope this has answered your question.

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