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After the Uchiha were eliminated, Itachi, tormented by his actions, could not bring himself to kill Sasuke too. He made himself out as a villain so that Sasuke would someday kill him to avenge their family. To keep Sasuke safe until then, Itachi threatened to share everything he knew about Konoha with its enemies if the village ever harmed Sasuke.

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Does Sasuke care about Itachi?

Yes Sasuke does care about Itachi because when he died Sasuke cried for him

Did Sasuke ever fight itachi?

Yes Sasuke fighting Itachi, Sasuke won and sadly Sasuke was told the truth about Itachi Uchihia.

Who will win the fight itachi vs Sasuke in Shippuden?

When Itachi and Sasuke fight in Shippuden, sasuke wins and Itachi dies. However, it was known later that Itachi let Sasuke kill him or he could have killed sasuke.

When does Sasuke fight itachi?

actually yeah.. and Sasuke killed Itachi.

Does Sasuke kill itachi?

: all that writing and NOT a clear answer to the question... Does Sasuke Kill Itachi? NO, Sasuke does NOT kill Itachi. Sasuke may have wounded Itachi, But his (Sasuke's) last blow (jitsu) that was suppose to do the job did NOT hit Itachi (of course no matter how strong Sasuke gets Itachi will always be stronger). Itachi was already dying from over use of his eyes.

Who is stronger Sasuke or itachi?

sasuke is stronger because he took itachi eyes and he killed itachi in episode 138 named "the end" you know for itachi so sasuke is stronger.

Sasuke killed itachi you feel so bad itachi loved Sasuke and Sasuke goes and kill him?

actually, sasuke didn't kill itachi. when they fought itachi was hurt or sick, and he died. he never intended on killing sasuke. sasuke didn't know about itachi's past

Will Sasuke kill itachi?

Yes. :) Extra info: On i think in episodes 136-139 they are fighting. sasuke kills Itachi and later sasuke finds out that itachi transfered his ocular powers (Mongekyo Sharingan) to sasuke.Sasuke has already killed Itachi.

Does Sasuke become friends with Naruto after they kill itachi?

There is no "they"...only Sasuke kills Itachi. And, no, Sasuke is not friends with Naruto.

Why did itachi think Sasuke was a pest?

Because sasuke kept bugging Itachi to train him and tell him that he promise him that he will and Itachi said "not now maybe later sasuke"

Does Uchiha Sasuke die?

No he does not die. Sasuke finds Itachi after he killed Orochimaru and tries to kill Itachi, although Itachi is his brother. Sasuke has not died. Yet.

Who would win itachi or Sasuke?

If Itachi was in his prime, Itachi would win. The only reason Sasuke won in the first place was due to Itachi's sickness, and Itachi was trying not to kill Sasuke.

Does Itachi really care about his brother a lot?

Yes, later in the series it reveals that Itachi really did love his brother Sasuke a lot.

Who does Sasuke want to kill?

Warning: This WILL give out information you might not want to know if your not far ahead!In the begining, Sasuke wanted to kill Itachi, his older brother, because he anihilated the Uchiha clan. Then Orochimaru came in the picture and Sasukes was mostly targeting Orochimaru. Eventually, Orochimaru took Sasuke in for care (and by care, I mean Sasuke wanted to be stronger, and Orochimaru gave him this opportunity, and Orochimaru wanted Sasuke to be his next 'vessel', but Sasuke didn't know this until later on.). While in the 'care' of Orochimaru, Sasuke is after Itachi, and secretly after Orochimaru. Orochimaru dies by Sasuke (and dies again by Itachi later on)- and Sasuke makes a team of other ninjas, and goes after Itachi. Itachi dies by Sasuke, and Sasuke finds out the truth of Itachi through Mandara Uchiha (also knows as Tbi, form the Akatsuki). Isntead of going back to the village that Itachi loved so much, and wanted to keep the peace, Mandara drove Sasuke in to a corner (not literally) that made Sasuke turn the opposite directions and target the Leaf village. Why, you wonder? Because the Leaf village wanted Itachi to sacrafice his village to pretty much keep the peace (or something..), and they sacrificed Itachi to do this mission. So now, Itachis after the Hidden Leaf!

Will Sasuke and Itachi fight?

yes [warning spoiler sasuke kills itachi in shippuden]

Naruto kill itachi Uchiha?

naruto doesnt kill itachi, sasuke does. Nor does Sasuke. Itachi was already dying until the battle with Sasuke. I think he had TBC.

What does itachi give Sasuke?

uhmm itachi gives sasuke hezs shiriagan if thatzs hOw you spell it hehe ! but itachi gave it to him to be stronger !

Which episode Sasuke kill itachi?

The name of the episode is The Longest Moment! Sasuke vs. Itachi.

Will Itachi Uchiha really be resurrected And Sasuke killed?

Itachi resurrected?... Yes Sasuke Killed?... No

Is Itachi killed?

SPOILER ALERT!Yes, by Sasuke. NO.He is dead, but NOT by Sasuke. Itachi dies by the natural defects of the Mangekyou Sharingan. And even so, Itachi had no attentions for killing Sasuke.

How did oruchimaru die?

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Itachi Uchiha killed Orochimaru. Some say that Sasuke Uchiha killed him, but technically, he didn't. Sasuke only consumed/took over Orochimaru. Then, in the battle between Sasuke and Itachi, Orochimaru came out of Sasuke, then Itachi killed him. Then, Sasuke Uchiha killed Itachi Uchiha

Does itachi want Sasuke to restore the clan?

No. Itachi just wants Sasuke to kill him. That's all.

Will Sasuke beat itchi?

sasuke kills itachi

Who defeats itachi?

Sasuke. They confront in Shippuden, and Itachi is killed.

Will Sasuke die in the battle with itachi?

no he will not die .... but he will killed itachi