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Does ketchup contain pork?

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to be honest i think you should read the bottle and i believe it doesn't but it does have tomatoes

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Does ketchup contain carbohydrates?

No it does not. It depends on what kind of ketchup, Heinz Ketchup has eleven carbohydrates.

Does marshmallows contain pork fat?

They may contain pork gelatin.

Does Pepsi contain pork scratchings?

pepsi doesnt contain pork.

Do marshmellows contain pork?

is there pork in marshmellow

Does ketchup contain gluten?

Heinz Ketchup states on their website that their ketchups are celiac safe.

What food contain pork?

food such as bacon, ham and salami and sausages all contain pork.

Does ketchup contain carbon?

Since ketchup is made of organic materials then it contains carbon by definition.

Does tomato ketchup have pork?

No, but you can always check on the bottle for the ingredients in commercial products.

What is pork chop?

a pork chop is a little chunk of pig meat that is cooked and served plain, with ketchup or as I prefer with BQ sauce! = )

Does a twinkies contain pork?

No! Twinkies don't contain pork. They don't contain any kind of meat at all! They have a lot of preservatives though.

Do cigarette filters contain pork?

No. They do not contain pork. They have tobacco and various chemicals that give them shelf life and flavor.

Does hartleys jelly contain pork geletine?

Jelly does not have pork if it is hallal

Do cheese have pork?

Cheese does not contain pork. It is entirely milk based.

Does kinder chocolate contain pork or any animal fat?

does kinder chocolates contain pork or any animal fat

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