Does lana lang die in Smallville season 7?


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no. She leaves Smallville for good.

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lana lang never dies on smallville season 6 she dies on season 7 on episode 1 bizzaro mother

No, she's still alive but she left Smallville.

No, Lana Lang does not actually die in the last episode of the 6th season of Smallville, it was actually one of the clones of hers that Lex Luthor created that had died.

Lana Lang survives to adulthood in the comic-book canon, she is deservedly in a sen se , Superman"s first love, as he knew her long before he ran into Lois on the Planet. In effect Lana Lang and Superman were high-school sweethearts. She appears as an adult love=interest in both Superman and Lois Lane comic books, One would imagine the Smallville show would follow suit.

No, she does not die in season 7. For all we know she is still in that coma caused by Brainiac. Maybe in the next season she dies... maybe not. IN the end of the season we see Kara feeling a sort of pain in her head. Might be Brainiac surviving within her...

Clark's dad died in season 5 of Smallville in the episode Reckoning which was episode 100 of the show.

Jonathan Kent died on Smallville Season 5 episode 12 entitled "Reckoning".

Season 7 episode 16 Descent :-(

Doctor Helen Bryce does not die in Season 2 of Smallville however it is presumed that she's dead during Season 3 however it's not confirmed since she wasn't shown jumping out of the airplane or parachuting out of the plane that both she and Lex Luthor were flying in.

He didn't ACTUALLY die in Smallvile in season eight, however, it was later believed that he was in this 18-wheeler truck that had blown-up in which he FINALLY died in Smallville (a relief to the others).

Lang Lang (pianist) is alive.

Ludovico Lana died in 1646.

Lionel Luther gets killed by Lex, his son, when he pushes him out his office window.

Pietro Lana died on 1950-12-06.

No Chloe Sullivan does not die at any point during the Smallville series however in Season 10 she traded herself in so that she could free Oliver Queen and she also faked her death in order to prevent the torture that might occurred and she was eventually revealed to still be alive and actually be the new person in charge of the Suicide Squad. Chloe Sullivan also marries Oliver Queen.

No Lana was not killed at the end of the sixth season of Smallville this was revealed in the following season which was Season 7 but she said it was an act of deception by because of her deciding to end things with Lex Luthor so she decided to use one of the superclones that he created one of them being her and then she decided to skip the country because she knew he would trace her footsteps to her location and then she had planned on killing him but decided against it because of the new change in personality he had once they did meet back together.

He supposedly died but you see the back if a bald guys head in season 8 and it is a guy hooked up to machines so that is probably him.

Marcel Lang died in 2009.

Hedi Lang died in 2004.

Xiang Lang died in 247.

Sima Lang died in 217.

Josephine Lang died in 1880.

Herbert Lang died in 1957.

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