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Q: Does lightning put nutrients in the soil?
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Why do you put seeds in soil?

There are nutrients in the soil that helps the plants grow.

What is fertilizer for?

It helps put nutrients in the soil and this helps the plants in it to grow.

What fertilizers for?

It helps put nutrients in the soil and this helps the plants in it to grow.

What is the difference between soil and fertiilizer?

Soil is naturally there, fertilizer is something that is put down to add extra nutrients

Is fertilizer a form of nutrients?

Yes, fertilizer is a form of nutrients.Specifically, fertilizer acts to put into the soil nutrients necessary for plant and soil well-being. The nutrients can be made and mixed artificially or naturally. Either way, fertilizer is a bundle of nutrients for distribution throughout the soil and intake by plant roots.

How are plants dependent on animals soil decomposers?

Yes. The nutrients get released from the creature that decomposes and returned to the soil, which the plants absorb through their roots

Does martian soil have nutrients?

Yes martian soil does have nutrients such as sodium.

How soil have nutrients?

the soil have nutrients because theyobserve heat from the sun

Why do farmers put fertilizer on soil?

farmers fertilise soil because it means they can grow good crops every year. The soil only has so many nutrients, essential to plants, and they can be used up easily. Without nutrients, the plants will die so farmers add extra nutrients to keep their plants alive with enough nutrients

How does a rose get its nutrients?

A rose gets its nutrients from the soil. The rose draws the nutrients through the roots that are in the soil.

How do nutrients get into the soil?

Nutrients enter the soil when an animal dies and its body decomposes into the soil, or when a plant decomposes into the soil when it dies. And that pretty much creates nutrients. :P

Does ground soil have more nutrients than potting soil?

yes regular soil has more nutrients because of worms and how their slime helps the soil stay moisturised and grow more nutrients but potting soil gives plants more nutrients to help them grow faster. Regular soil has more nutrients and potting soil doubles the amount