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If you consider the fact that deafness can make it more difficult to learn... yes. Earphones are the single most common cause for premature deafness... but then, think of how much you enjoy your tunes while you're sleeping. As long as the earphones are not screaming in your ears this is a good way for insomniacs to trick their mind into sleeping. Even a low TV sound will do the same thing. Spas (where you go to relax) will have soft, soothing music and does make the body and mind relax. Scientists have found that if a person puts on a learning tape (example: to learn another language) they will learn the language quicker than by taking classes and studying it.

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Is Listening music on earphones bad for heath?

Kind of. listening to music through earphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ears 700 times

What is the name of the dance song that features a blond boy with dreadlocks listening to music through earphones on the tube?

Freestyler (Bomfunk MC's)

What are earphones?

Earphones are used in iPods, MP3 Players and sometimes computers and Laptops. If something is amplified out loud, you can plug in Earphones, and you can hear the sound through the Earphones.

Can earphones affect your hearing?

Yes, if you play loud music through earphones, you can permanently damage your hearing.

How do you plug earphones in the iPad pictures?

If you plug earphones into the iPad. You should be able to hear the Music through the Photos App. Plus Slideshows have Music!

How do i get my headphones to play through my playstation?

You need to plug your earphones into your TV and then listen.

Can you get earphones for the iPad?

Yes you can get headphones for the iPad. You can listen to music through the headphones or out loud.

How do you turn the speaker off and just listen through the ear phones?

Have you tried plugging the earphones in?

Can headphones be worn when you have a perforated eardrum?

Both of my eardrums are perforated after an gromits operation when i was about 10. Now aged 17 and after many years of listening to music on full volume through earphones/headphones it has not effected my hearing. The only issue i have is an aching in my more affected ear after a while of constant loud noise while using earphones, say when watching a film with no breaks. I'd wear them but keep the volume down if it causes discomfort.

What is listening through a stethoscope called?


How can you heal your ears when they hurt when you listen to music?

I've had this problem too and the only way to fix it is to stop listening to music so loud or stop listening to music using earphones for a few weeks to allow your ears to rebuild and heal. When listening to loud music, it shakes your inner ear lobe causing bad hearing, pain or a ringing noise. It's like playing loud music through speakers at full volume in a shaking house, the walls with time will begin to break down. Your ears will do the exact same. Just take some time out from listening to music and tone it down just that little bit if you do continue. You should never have your music full volume when using earphones on an iPod/MP3 and when on the computer. You're literally damaging your hearing to such an extent that one day you could lose it entirely.

Punchline for Hyundai motors?

leadership through listening

The sound that is heard through a stethoscope when listening to the heart?

the sound that is heard through a stethescope when listening to the heart is the sound of the heart beating, and pumping blood to the rest of the body.

What are the causes through which nominal GDP had doubled overnight?

through inflation as nominal GDP does not account for it

Is earphones change electric current to sound waves true?

Earphones have coils of copper wire inside them. When music plays through the headphone jack, the current flows through the coils of wire, and that (like a magnet) makes the headphone speaker cone move in and out which moves air. That moving air is the sound you hear.

How can you play music through ipod touch without earphones?

First, you must have the newer iPod touch. As long as your headphones are not connected, it will play through its built in speaker.

How do you detect remote listening devices in a building from quiteside with no ability of using laser listening device?

man you going through unknown tunnel

A joint's capacity to travel through a full range of motion is the definition for?

Flexibility-a joint's capacity to travel through a full range of motion.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us through what?

Anything and everything if you are listening

Can you hear through walls with a stethoscope?

Yes you can but there are better listening devices.

How did James Hetfield get started in music?

through listening to music as a teenager and possibly through cliff burton(RIP)

Is overnight express mail certified?

No, overnight express mail which is offered through the United States Post Office is not certified, but it does have a tracking number and requires a signature in most cases. Certified mail is available as an inclusion to overnight mail for an added fee.

Can you leave your tampon in overnight?

NO! Do not leave it in! If you must you could leave it and put a pad on to see if you bleed through it, but you probably will bleed through

What is auditory imagery?

Auditory imagery is a learning style in which a person learns through listening.

How does listening to music determine your attiuide?

it determines your attitude because when you listen to the words of the music then that helps you get through whatever your going through

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