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No, they have a baby girl the night of their wedding. Peyton comes close to dying, but she survives.

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no. both Peyton and the baby survive.

No they don't. Peyton and Lucas have a baby though a girl named Sawyer

Peyton or her baby do not die. Peyton has a baby girl and her and Lucas leave. this means Chad Micheal Murray or Hilarie Burton will not be in the show after she leaves.

No, but in the finale Peyton and Lucas have theirs and Peyton survives!:)

Yes. Peyton does get pregnant.However, she has complications with the baby. Lucas and She must decide wether or not they are going to keep the baby. If they do, Peyton could die.

Peyton didn't die as she left to live happily-ever-after with Lucas and their baby Sawyer :)

Yes at the end of Season 6 Lucas and Peyton have a baby girl names Sawyer

It is said that Peyton and Lucas will return for season 9 of One Tree Hill as they were the originals from the start and they want them to be present in there last season of One Tree hill

they have a girl and its name is Sawyer. Peyton chooses the name whilst in her hospital bed. she wakes up to discover Lucas crying and she says the baby's name is Sawyer.

Season 6 these are just the biggest moments that i can think of right now.. MAJOR SPOILERS - Lucas picks Peyton in the first episode to marry him- Q dies - Brooke gets attacked- Peyton gets pregnant - Peyton learns that if she has the baby she could die- Peyton and Lucas get married- Peyton goes into labor a little after they get married- Peyton lives and so does the baby- Nathan gets into the NBA (YAY) - That's the end of Peyton and Lucas there not returning to season 7 is what I've heard and I'm pretty sure it's trueI'm depressed because I LOVE Leyton A LOT =(

Chad (lucas) wanted t leae and hilarie (Peyton) figured it woudnt make sense if Peyton was there and lucas wasnt so she left too

of course she does.....but it doesn't mean she lucas and her baby sawyer stay on the show

from season 7 and onwards peyton, lucas and sawyer are no longer in one tree hill

Lucas and Peyton leave season 6 episode 23 after they get married and after Peyton gives birth to sawyer and wakes up from a coma. They leave in Lucas' car that says commet on it ...

Peyton is not dead. Her and Lucas go off with the baby. They name her Sawyer because it was Peyton's last name. They talk about Peyton and baby girl Sawyer in the new season that just premiered last week.

Okay well, Lucas and Peyton had their baby in season 6 and they moved away, Karen had her baby (Lily Rose Scott) and is traveling with Andy (Her boyfriend) I hope this helped you!

Lucas tells Peyton he hates her because Lindsay his fiance left him waiting at the alter and didnt marry him because she knows that Lucas still loves Peyton and that they belong together. Lucas did propose to Peyton 3 years before that but she turned him down because she wasnt ready to get married at that time.

No the last episode is 24 in season 6 however lucas comes back in season 9 for one epsiode

Yes, Lucas Scott left with Peyton Sawyer (SCOTT) AND their new born baby Sawyer Brooke Scott. Hope dis helped u!

Yes, more than once actually. In season one when Lucas and Brooke become an official couple, Peyton realizes she wants to be with Lucas. She goes to tell him, right after Brooke and Lucas had hooked up. Lucas, torn between Brooke and Peyton, goes with Peyton to search for her father who was presumed lost at sea in a storm. While in the hotel room, Peyton and Lucas make out and almost have sex. After this, Lucas and Peyton sneak around behind Brooke's back and make out. Later Lucas breaks up with Brooke because he feel as if they were moving too fast. Lucas and Keith are in a very bad car crash on the way to pick his mother Karen up from the airport. After Lucas returns home, he goes to see Peyton and they end up making out, but Peyton tells Lucas they can't do that do Brooke. However, Brooke sees them on Peyton's webcam and is furious. This is the first time Peyton/Brooke/Lucas fall out. The second time Lucas cheats on Brooke is when Peyton kisses him in the library of Tree Hill High, after being shot in the leg by Jimmy Edwards. However, Peyton believes she is dying and wants Lucas to know she loves him if he can't save her. Peyton later tells Brooke that she still has feelings for Lucas, which leads to Brooke "breaking up" with Peyton as a friend. Later at Haley and Nathan's vow renewal Lucas accidentally let it slip that they kissed. This leads to Brooke mistrusting and being hostile to Peyton and Lucas. Later, Brooke and Lucas break up for good. Peyton and Brooke through the end of the third season to the middle of the fourth season fight over Lucas' affection as Peyton is dealing with psycho stalker Derek and Brooke with wondering if she made a mistake by dumping Lucas.

she and lucas get engaged. shortly after, Peyton finds that she's pregnant. they get married sooner than planned because they find out that Peyton might not live through the labor, but she wants to have the baby anyway. there are a few complications, but Peyton makes it out alive and she, lucas, and their daughter, sawyer, move away together.

He left with peyton and their baby. He comes back in season 9 but only for a small scene

The last episode Lucas and Peyton appeared in was; Remember me as a time of Day, which was the season finale of Season 6.

Peyton and Lucas leave One Tree Hill after they have their daughter Sawyer Scott in Season 6 the last episode

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