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Conceive refers to an egg being fertilized, which then goes on to implant which means that a woman is pregnant. If a woman is pregnant then she will not menstruate, menstruation only occurs if conception doesn't occur.

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2014-11-20 10:17:05
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Q: Does menstruation start after conceive
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Can you conceive immediately after menstruation?


Is it possible to conceive 5 days to menstruation?

Yes it can be

How long After a period can you conceive?

A classic answer given is, the optimum (most likely) time to conceive is 12-15 days after the start of menstruation. There is much variability and uncertainty in this. I'm posting two links to answer your question.

If taking antibiotics can cause periods?

No, taking antibiotics cannot cause menstruation. Menstruation is caused by your menstrual cycle: if you do not conceive the uterine lining sheds.

Can you conveive while on your period?

No, it is biologically impossible to conceive during menstruation as there is no egg present. It is however possible to conceive as a result of sex during menstruation as if fertile sperm may survive up to 7 days, by which time you may ovulate.

Can you have forced menstruation?

No, it is not possible to have forced menstruation. It is the body's natural process in which you will start your cycle.

Making menstrual come on early?

You cant make menstruation start earlier than it is due to start. Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycle, you can't skip phases of your cycle or speed-up your cycle to start menstruation early.

Can Endometriosis happen before the start of menstruation?


How old does a girl start puberty?

By menstruation

Can you conceive first day after menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to your entire reproductive cycle, so you would always conceive during your menstrual cycle. If you're asking if you can conceive the first day after menstruation then the answer is yes, there may be an egg present that early in your menstrual cycle.

Can you conceive after stopping depo if your period has'nt started?

Yes - if you're planning on having a child it may be a good idea to learn how babies are made first!For you to conceive you must ovulate, ovulation occurs before menstruation.

Does ovulation occur from 14th day until menstruation?

of course not, menstruation occurs on the 14th day not the ovulation, and I say that the start of the menstrual cycle is actually menstruation.

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