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Q: Does metermine work the same as duromine?
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Are duramine and metermine the same drug?

Yeah It is the same drug, My Doctor said Metermine is just another name that they use for the brand, It's the exact same drug.

What happens when you mix alcohol and metermine?


Can you use duromine 15mg while breastfeeding?

deseo conocer mas sobre las duromine 15mg

Can you take champix and duromine at the same time?

Yes you can, spoke to two doctors and a pharmacist and they all said yes, because they are a very similar drug as far as they work on the same area of th brain, so they do not interfer each other.

Is it safe to mix demazin with Duromine?


What are the benefits of taking Duromine?

The benefits of taking Duromine are that it helps suppress your appetite and lose weight. It also gives you more energy, and still sleep well at night.

Can you take duromine and Cymbalta and xanax together?

i take xanax 2mg x 3 daily and cymbalta 30mg x1 daily, is it safe to take duromine as well short term

What is the name of the weight loss pills that make you feel full?


What is better for 15 kg weight loss duromine or reductil?

I had tried duromine and its really effective. I lost almost 8Kg in 4 weeks , of course with proper diet and exercise. I only tried it for one month. I shall warn you that i had sleeping difficulty and drowsiness during the first 2 weeks and got used to it after a while. If you are thinking of taking duromine to lose 15kg and then stop taking it thereafter , then i would recommend Duromine for a quick weight loss. I have not been on reductil and i would not know whether its more effective than duromeen.

Is duromine a narcotic?

Not a narcotic. It is basically a PRESCRIPTION diet drug. It is therefore, a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE.

Is duromine safe to take with cipramil?

No. The two drugs can have a bad reaction if taken together as they both change funtions in the brain. Best to talk to your doctor and see if you could cange eaither of the medications to somthing that will work fine together.

Can you mix synthroid phentermine and clonazepam together safety?

Yes, just keep the doses of all three low.