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Does mosquito killer eats mosquito?


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No mosquitoes aren't eaten by mosquito killers they are just killed by them.

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Lanzones, Guyabano are examples of Mosquito killer plants

I don't think it would hurt the dog. Sometimes you eat the mosquito and sometimes the mosquito eats you.

There are certain types of mosquito killers made from plants. The Guaynabo mosquito killer is made from extracts of the guya plant.

mosquito is a deadly killer in some countries.

Sometimes. A mosquito killer may be a larger mosquito who kills smaller ones, or otherwise could be another bug, bird, ect. that just finds mosquitos tasty.

Insect are killed when they are tired flying or takes a pee and lands on the mosquito killer lamp.

Mosquito killer is poisonous. While you do not specify a specific bug killer, it is a poison and can kill a human if used in any manner that it is not intended for.

The frog has a parasitism symbiotic relationship with the mosquito. The frog eats the mosquito. The mosquito population is kept down.

The lanzones peelings has this smell that irritates insects specially the mosquito.

A mosquito fish mainly feeds on mosquito larvae in the wild but in captivity a mosquito fish eats it's fry or leaves off of plants

a killer whale eats fish...........

Kakawate leaves have an active ingredient that can be used as a mosquito killer. The chemical attracts mosquitoes but then kills them after some exposure.

A mosquito fish is a consumer. It is consumer because it eats elodea or other plants. Mosquito fish are herbivores. Meaning they only eat plants.

none. malaria, which is what they carry, is the killer

sharks do feed off of dolphins and so do killer whales but a killer whale is a species of dolphin. If we are talking about killer whales the killer whale is an apex predator and eats sharks !

The active components of a mosquito killer depends on the type. Mosquito coils for instance contain pyrethrum, while sprays contain a pyrethrum and Permethrin combination.

If a dog eats a mosquito coil and does no vomit on its own, it should be induced immediately. Mosquito coils contain pesticides which could be a hazard to the animal.

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

spiders and birds. (also possibly Bear Grylls)

something that eats blood. Vampire bat, mosquito, tick,

killer whale and sharks.

A killer whale or an Orca.

Mosquitofreeworld is leading online mosquito killing machine seller. We provide the most advance mosquito killer-control system across India

ingredients used in making a mosquito repellent made of ipil ipil leaves

It is not necessarily the blue light itself in an electric mosquito killer that repels or kills the mosquitoes. They are attracted to blue light, so they come near the device, where ultrasonic waves harm them.

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