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Q: Does mr caponer-e speak spanish
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What things can you do if you speak Spanish?

You can speak Spanish.

How do you say Do you get to speak Spanish?

Do you speak spanish

Hello is speak in Spanish?

is Hola in spanish not speak

Does Chilly speak Spanish?

Yes, they speak Spanish.

Bien y tu hablas en español?

Good and you speak in Spanish.

Why salvadorans do speak spanish?

Did you mean why do Salvadorians speak Spanish? Because they are from El Salvador & speak Spanish. Simple??

Does Ryan ochoa speak Spanish?

Yes, Ryan Ochoa is bilingual and can speak Spanish.

Can anybody speak Spanish?

tecnically yes everyone can speak spanish, they all have the knowledge to try to learn it but personally no i do not speak spanish i speak american:)

Does Zayn Maliks speak Spanish?

No, Zayn does not speak Spanish.

Does zendaya speak Spanish?

Does Zendaya Coleman speak spanish.

Does Coleman speak Spanish?

Does Zendaya Coleman speak spanish.

What does hables espanol mean in spanish?

Que hables español --- (That) you speak Spanish / May you speak Spanish¡Que hables español! Speak Spanish!