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Q: Does natural gas cause pollution
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Does natural gas cause more air pollution than oil does?


Which gas is a source of natural ground water pollution?

Carbon is a source of natural groundwater pollution.

A fact about natural gas?

natural gas is an nonrenewable resource and causes lots of pollution

Is natural gas a major cause of air pollution?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel. But, in fact, it releases less carbon dioxide than coal or oil, so a natural gas power station is much better for the environment than a coal-fired one.

Can things other than people cause pollution?

yes, there are natural forms of pollution, such as methane gas produced when animals fart, (this problem is seen mainly in cows) By increasing the number of cows in the world, humans have also increased natural pollution.

Is pollution a natural cause of ecosystem change?

please give me your answer of pollution

Is gas better than natural gas?

Coal emits more carbon dioxide pollution than natural gas does.

Which nonrenewable resource produces the least pollution?

Natural gas. Of the three non-renewable fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), natural gas (methane) produces the least carbon dioxide and other pollution.

What are enviromental impacts of solar energy?

by this we can control the excessive use of electricity & natural gas. As it is Eco-friendly it do not cause any pollution

How is garbage cause of air pollution?

Garbage pollution can cause emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

What are the dangers of natural gas drilling?

Drilling for natural gas can cause so many different problems to the environment. One of the most well known ones is water pollution. Another is the releasing of chemicals into the air.

How does gas lawnmowers cause pollution?

The answer is in the question, because they use Gas.