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One part of MIILM University focuses on training for life skills.

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Q: Does niilm university focus on training life skills?
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What is the full form of Niilm university?

NIILM in NIILM University is not having any full form.

Is niilm university futuristic in the field of education?

NIILM University is futuristic in the field of education.

Does niilm believe in imparting quality education?

NIILM University is farsighted and best university in the league of educational university. NIILM University is facilitates to impart quality education at PG and UG levels. NIILM University is fab and even my friends have decided to enroll in Management programs.

Is niilm university of haryana certifgicate is valid in Punjab?

Certification provided by NIILM University holds its relevence and prominance all over the world. Not only in Punjab, the certification provide by NIILM University is valid any where in India. NIILM University is farsighted and approved university. one can visit UGC website to confirm its validity. it is mentioned in UGC website as private university. UGC is universal therefore a University like NIILM University who imparts degree/diploma are also valid universally.

Is niilm universities approved by ugc aicte?

NIILM University is recognised by UGC and has included this on its website.

Is niilm university result valid in other state?

NIILM University certification is valid anywhere in India, please feel free to go ahead with this reputable university.

Is NIILM University Affiliated?

NIILM University has been established by the Haryana State Legislature Under Haryana No. 16 of 2011 & published in Haryana Govt. Gaz. (extra) Sept 27,2011. For more info visit website of NIILM University.

Something about niilm?

NIILM University has been established by Haryana State Legislature under Haryana Act No.16 of 2011 [Published in HARYANA GOVT.GAZ. (EXTRA.) Sept.27,2011 (ASVN.5 1933 SAKA)]. Authenticity of this University can be checked at the Website of UGC as a self financed Private university.NIILM University is a leading institution delivering quality education to students.More information about NIILM University can be found at

When was NIILM CMS created?

NIILM CMS was created in 1996.

Was niilm university awarded?

NIILM University is facilitated and awarded by Ministry of HRD, as Best Pvt Uni in (upcoming) Rural area. Very True! NIILM UNIVERSITY, KAITHAL AWARDED BEST UPCOMING PRIVATE UNIVERSITY IN RURAL AREA. The award was given away by Dr. M. M. Pallam Raju, Hon'ble Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Govt. of India at a gala ceremony in New Delhi. NIILM University conducts undergraduate and postgraduate and doctoral programmes in various disciplines which include disciplines like Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Media and Communications, Fashion Technology and Bio-technology, Engineering , science and Arts etc.

What is NIILM CMS's motto?

The motto of NIILM CMS is 'Shaping Leadership Through Values & Vision'.

When was NIILM School of Business - NSB - created?

NIILM School of Business - NSB - was created in 2003.